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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Girl Power

Coco Chanel said it best – A girl should be two things:  classy and fabulous.

Each one of these magical ladies in my tribute to Women’s History Month are not only classy and fabulous but SO much more.

Here, then, are Five Important Women in TLC’s History:

Two-Two:  My Two-Two (what I’ve endearingly called her as far back as I can remember, while she still affectionately calls me "Monkey Face") is my most favorite “Grandmother.”  ELC and Two-Two worked in the same law office before I was born.  I loved visiting Two-Two’s warm and cozy home. She always had tempting candy (like Brach’s Caramels) in a cut-glass dish on an end table. As a toddler, I vividly remember sitting on the countertop in her kitchen while she let me “help” her make cookies (mostly I just ate the dough).  I don’t know why I can still recall these details, except they were all part of my cherished times with My Two-Two.  Even though she isn’t my biological grandmother, she never failed to make me feel like I was an important member of her family. I believe we'll both hold forever places in our hearts for each other.

Mrs. Crouch:  My most favorite Teacher. A strong and proud Texan. Mrs. Crouch taught me Texas History in 7th grade.  Not only did she teach me, but she also taught three of my four older brothers. She is so dear to our family.  I cannot think about anything “Texas” without thinking about Mrs. Crouch.  Her devotion to her profession and her students was inspirational.  She made history FUN.  One of my treasured school projects is a genealogy “scrapbook” I completed in her class.  She believed that in order to know where we’re going, we need to understand where we’ve come from.  ELC and I still look back at that book often.  It’s kept in a safe place so I can show my children their past someday – and tell them about Mrs. Crouch.  She’s a true Earth Angel.

Bethenny Frankel:  The quintessential “Skinnygirl,” my reality TV idol, and my most favorite “Housewife.” Bethenny truly is an inspiration to me.  I have, unfortunately, been “blessed” with genes that cause you to gain five pounds by merely looking at a delicious, little mini-cupcake. Through Bethenny’s sass, wit, spunk and hysterically outrageous humor, I’ve learned it’s okay to eat that cupcake.  It’s all about balance not deprivation. She’s a great role model not only for me, but for all women, men, kids, and teenagers alike.  I adore Bethenny, her books, and her show, Bethenny Ever After (on Bravo – set your DVR). I want her to be my real life friend!

Jackie Kennedy Onassis:  My most favorite style Icon.  A fashion queen. What a woman!  I would literally love to make a carbon copy of every outfit and accessory she ever owned.  She transcends time.  She carried herself with such grace and poise even through unimaginable adversity.  When ELC and I are shopping for shoes or clothes (at Nordstrom, of course!), we’ll see something that catches our eye and one of us will inevitably say, “Jackie O.”  Then we sigh and swoon.  Because it’s (whatever “it” might be) so yummy.  When I wear my extra large, round, tortoiseshell sunglasses, I pretend I’m Jackie.  Just for a second or two.

ELC:  My most favorite Mom.  My best friend.  She is, by far and hands down, the most amazing woman I know.  Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was ten years old.  I don’t remember much about that difficult time because she always stayed positive.  She didn’t change (well, she lost a lot of her hair during chemo, but it came back!) and remained completely honest with me.  She made sure our family continued on with our lives and kept laughing, even during the tough times.  She taught me to never, ever, ever give up on something I believe passionately in. She has an incredible faith. Her love for God, my Dad, her children, grandchildren and friends warms and inspires my soul and uplifts my heart.  She laughs at my ridiculous jokes like no one else.  She answers my calls, emails and texts as quickly as possible.  I know I can count on her. She’s the woman I go to when I need advice, or a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen to me when I'm afraid, confused or worried. I pray each and every day that I can be the kind of Mom for which I have been so generously blessed.  It’s an honor to be her daughter.

Women rock.  We do.  It’s not easy living in a man’s world, but we’re here.  Laughing.  Loving.  And looking gorgeous, right?

Remember:  As long as you know that most men are like children, you know everything.

Yep!  That Mademoiselle Chanel sure knew what she was talkin' about.  LOL.

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