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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Yummy For Y’all

I’ve been kind of cranky this week, and I realized it’s because I didn’t get a Spring Break! What’s up with that? We're programmed for it from Pre-K until we graduate from college. Then, suddenly, we’re shoved out into the Real World where the only way to have a Spring Break is to use vacation days. Sigh.

I lllooovvveee Spring, but I feel like it's so short and fleeting. Is that just in Texas? It has to hurry and make room for our crazy hot summers, I guess. Yuck. I cherish Spring. It's so many things to me:  new beginnings, warm days and cool nights, pretty pastel colors, Easter, my wedding anniversary, blooming fruit trees, and GARDENS. My hands are aching to get wrist deep in soil. ELC is a good gardener. She doesn't think so, however, because she compares herself to her Nana and some "Gardener Extraordinaire" friends. She's taught me a lot since I moved away from home. Gardening has become one of our favorite hobbies to share. But just like every little black dress (aka:  LBD) needs a sassy pair of heels, I believe every garden needs a fun little accessory. Enter this week's Yummy – Wooden Hive (click on the link!).

I stumbled across Wooden Hive on, you guessed it, Etsy. Y'all know two of my passions are Etsy and VINTAGE. Kerrie is a master at her craft. She takes vintage, old, beautiful silverware and repurposes them into garden markers and "re-vamped" serving pieces (among other fabulous things). You can even personalize them with your name or a special saying!

I've ordered several items from Kerrie. They are the best gifts. Last year, ELC got a little surprise "sussie" (aka: present/"pressie") one early Fall weekend. You see, pansies are ELC's favorite flower. Imagine my excitement when I discovered this little beauty! I couldn't resist purchasing this sweet garden marker for her.

images via ELC's phone

Hubby and I "rotate" Thanksgiving between our families. This year, it was our turn to spend it with ELC, Dad, and one of my brother's and his family. I wanted to take Mom and Dad a little token of our appreciation for all of the hours (really, days!) they spend preparing for this holiday. Imagine my jubilation when I discovered this serving fork made by Kerrie. I was ecstatic! I purchased it immediately.

images via ELC's phone

Though Thanksgiving is long past, ELC and Dad still have this precious fork on "display." It rests beautifully on top of a cutting board my Hubs made for them a couple of years ago (they refuse to actually use it because "it's too pretty to cut anything on"). Each time I see the fork when I visit, I'm reminded of our yummy, cozy, memorable Thanksgiving. And not just last year's, but every year’s. We are blessed.

I've purchased several other yummies from Kerrie since these two awesome finds. In fact, it might be time to treat myself to a little Spring garden marker! What do y'all think?

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