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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Four Yeehaws!

Because it’s the 4th! Seriously, is it February? Sheesh.

So I’m not one for expensive beauty “regimens.” Not only do I get bored easily, but I’m tres susceptible to the latest/newest ad-campaign “promises.” Plus, I like bargains. Maybe “bargains” isn’t exactly the right word. Maybe I should say I love to spend my budgeted beauty dollars on “value.” Getting the best bang for my bucks.

I want to share two products I MUST have and two I’ve just discovered, but that I already enjoy:

{First, a reminder—like TLC or y’all could ever possibly forget—I am a Senior Citizen. Not a “Foxy Senior Citizen.” Simply old enough to get the Senior Discount at 75% of the places—for those of us 55 or older—I go. Young enough to resent it. I woke up the day after I turned 40 and saw them. Crows’ feet. I woke up the day after I turned 43 and couldn’t read—not a newspaper. Not a book. Nothin’. Not unless I held said paper three feet from my face. I became forced to welcome into my life The Bifocal Decades. The good news was that I could no longer see my crows’ feet. The day after my 47th birthday? The beginning of Gobble Neck. Lovely. At 53? Saw my first “brown spot.” On my face. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for reminding me that Youth is fleeting and Old Age means a stronger commitment to the cosmetic industry. If I can find a way to “treat” these fabulous “aging” symptoms, like brown spots, with something over-the-counter? Yep, I’m goin’ for it.}

I’ve discovered and have been using, for about five months, Skin Renew/Dark Spot Corrector, by Garnier. You’ll notice ads for this in all the womens’ magazines. Clearly their marketing gurus got to moi—and my pocketbook. Despite my contention there must be a better description/phrase than "dark spots." Yuck. I contend it’s helping mine. In fact, I’ve been doing my own little scientific experiment—watching, specifically, a delightful caramel-colored circle on my left mid-(face)cheek. When I first noticed it, it was the size of a pea. Green. Not English. Now it’s almost gone! Especially if I leave my bifocals off when I look into my 10x magnifying mirror. For what it cost at the drug store, I definitely think it’s worth a try. I intend to buy another tube soon, since I find many companies are determined to discontinue the products I like the most. (And here, now, is an ELC’s Example, mixed in with this Yeehaw: Companies that take away the things we absolutely depend on and must have? UNFAIR. Exactly--one more thing that's wrong with this World.)

I’ve been using Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer for about three years. The bottle clearly states it is “clinically proven to visibly reduce redness” and “soothe irritated or sensitive skin.” Do I think it’s true? I've used it faithfully. It hasn't made my senstive skin any redder. I like it. Nuff said.

My two new finds:

Skinnygirl Tinted Daily Moisturizer. It’s from Bethanny! The World’s GREATEST Skinny Girl! And it’s located in the Wally World near you. How convenient is that? Head towards the pharmaceutical/cosmetic section and Voila! You should be able to find this at the end of a makeup aisle. I’m thinking there were about six shades. I got “Sand.” Upon opening it, I discovered it has a “brush.” I’m completely hip on/to? foundation/tinted moisturizer brushes. Sponges. Etc. TLC uses them. These devices really get that makeup/tinted moisturizer deep down into one's skin—smoothing out the majority of one’s problem areas.  I actually prefer using my fingertips to apply foundation/tinted moisturizer. I squeezed a small amount into the brush (you have no choice) and then, after applying it to my forehead, nose and chin, used my fingers to finish the process. I liked the almost powdery—though not dry at all—look and feel of this tint. (Do consider waiting to have a Skinny Girl Margarita before applying this, or any other, makeup product).

Y’all might remember how I pushed—I meant to type liked—Revlon’s PhotoReady makeup? Imagine my excitement two weeks ago when I noticed Emma Stone’s television ad for Revlon’s Photoready Airbrush Mousse Makeup. AIRBRUSH? Mousse? PRAISE THE LORD and HALLELUJAH! Finally, finally, at the young age of 57 years, I get to look like a model—and put on makeup I’d consider eating, too! I feel as though I’m sounding sarcastic. I honestly don’t mean to.

  1. TLC and I adore Emma Stone. If you don’t (and I’m talking to both you men and women), I’m sorry to tell you, but something is off and you might need to get that checked out.
  2. I still truly like the original PhotoReady makeup and will keep alternating it in my beauty regimen.
  3. This moussier makeup is even lighter/air brushier than the aforementioned product, hence an overall dreamier experience and look. I plan to use it on the days I'm channeling Emma and feel extra wispy.

WARNING: There is a WARNING on the back of the Airbrush bottle.

I got my magnifying glass out to see what was under the scary red fire sign:

CAUTION, it says:


I can’t make this stuff up and HUH? Who knew there are flames and then there are naked flames? Yikes.

I was a tidbit taken aback when I first noticed the warning—and, yes, it was after I’d put the makeup on (I’ve lived with a man for almost 34 years—I occasionally don’t read instructions first). But then, after having a long talk with TLC about my concerns, we decided there are tons o’ products out there that are “flammable.” FIRST and FOREMOST? Hairspray. Duh. We heart BIG TEXAS HAIR. It’s really quite simple: DON’T hold flammable things near any kind of flame/flames, naked or clothed, you and/or the flames, and everything will be fine.

ELC’s WARNING about this particular product:

There is no need to shake it, like you usually do with most foundations. It doesn’t say to shake it up in the directions—that I could see. With my bifocals. BUT—be extra careful about pressing on the top of the bottle. It semi-pops out like a big, bubbly balloon. I’m not convinced I didn’t use up half the bottle the first time I tried it. I’d suggest Revlon put a warning on the top of the bottle to “press lightly and fast. Do NOT hold down.” The second time I used it I was careful-er (go ahead—use this word three times tomorrow and see how many people correct your grammar—it’ll be interesting) and it worked better-er. It’s like your Mom tries to teach you: You can always put a little more on (this applies to many, many things in life—not just makeup), but it’s harder to put something back into a bottle once it’s out. Amen.

Are you now wondering: WHY doesn’t ELC buy one good makeup foundation product, even if it costs $40 to $100, and be done with it? Wouldn’t she be ahead of her “budget” game? Possibly. You could have a point and it might be something My Sweet Hubby has (patiently) discussed with me. The real question is: Could I have as much fun? Answer: Nope.

BTW: NO ONE pays me for these product endorsements. No one pays TLC and/or me anything for any of our Yummies or Yeehaws. Call us cRaZy, but we don't think we'd ever have the nerve to even ask.

ta-ta for now, Darlings . . .


Autumn said...

Don't you wish they would make trial sizes of ALL cosmetics and facial care items? I LOVE to try new products, but it can get kind of expensive, even with the ones you buy at the drug store, to buy one of each just to try to find one you might like. So. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for pre-testing these for us and telling us what you like about them!

Patti said...

Well, I hear you on the aging process. I just turned 51 in January and am dealing with a wrinkle above my lip. I noticed it a few months ago and thought it was my makeup...then it dawned on me that it is a wrinkle. I have been using Olay's skin regenerator and sealer for about a month. The jury's still out on whether or not it is working.

On the positive side, though, I had to renew my driver's license this year (by my birthday), and I was sweating it because the ol' eyes ain't what they used to be. (And I don't wear glasses.) I was afraid I wouldn't pass the vision test...but I did! (I did have to squint a tiny bit, but I could see well enough to pass.)

I have finally found a makeup I like (Real Purity), and I dread the day they decide to discontinue it. That always seems to happen to me. I like something, use it for a couple years, then it's gone, and I'm in search mode again.

Wishing you a lovely day.


The Leightons said...

My Dearest Autumn Friend--

YES! Trial sizes! You are BRILLIANT. Like Mini-Blizzards and Snack-sized McFlurries!!! (Sonic better get on-board, soon, and get a Baby Blast--or else.)Seriously, trial sizes would be tres appreciated.

As always, you are too kind. If I can help you in any way (since I am, as you have sweetly crowned me, Your Beauty Guru--what a riot to all who know me, right?), just email me. I'm available 12/7 for all of your makeup queries. The other 12 are, obviously, for reading women's magazines and walking the aisles at Wally World and Walgreens. And going through drive-thrus that have tiny samples of their calorie-loaded desserts.

Hugs and Merci...

The Leightons said...


I can tell you do feel my pain. Even though you're just a BABY. Are you 100% certain it's a wrinkle? I say go with your makeup theory and be done with it!

You don't wear glasses? HUH? Wwwhhhhaaaaatttttt? Wow. That is WONDERFUL. You are so lucky. Cherish this gift.

I'll have to look up Real Purity and see who makes it. Intrigues me, for sure. May have to put that in next month's makeup budget!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!!