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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Royal Luncheon

A week ago this past Tuesday, I had the privilege of attending lunch at Queen Autumn’s Castle, which, by the way, has a moat! (Well, okay—it’s not technically a moat. She and her King Hubby live on a beautiful canal that comes off one of the prettiest and most popular lakes in all of The Land of Texas. For purposes of this post, it’s a moat. Go with it.)

I’m happy to direct y’all to Out to Lunch, in August of 2011, where I attempted to explain how amazingly talented Autumn truly is. Her home is magazine-worthy awesome. Full of rich colours (fancy spelling), fabulous textures and exquisite design, one find’s oneself grateful to be sitting in her den, gazing out at her magnificent outdoor kitchen, stunning fountain and the aforementioned moat, wishing one never had to leave. Right as we sat down to eat, a pelican landed near their dock. A pelican! They have Ducks, Unlimited. Autumn was, as always, very gracious about the sixty that appeared on our tank in November, but I realize they were like a droplet of water in an ocean to her ducks. They often have geese and cranes, too. It’s a virtual Bird Sanctuary, it is (please think/say this like Bert in Mary Poppins, if you don’t mind too terribly much—should be a piece of scone for our Brit readers).

I confess. I had, technically, invited myself to The Royal Luncheon. I know y’all must be shocked. You no doubt believe I at least attempt to display impeccable manners at all times. (I’m one-quarter English, for Pete’s sake. Social Graces are in my "Sky" Blue Blood.) I absolutely know proper etiquette. Well, 95% of the time. Okay, 80% of the time. 70% and that’s my final answer. Allow me, now, to explain:

I had to be in Autumn’s general vicinity for some errands. When I realized that, I’d emailed her, arranging to go to meet, for the first time…wait for it…

trumpet announcement please. . .

Princess Kate!

I’ve known Queen Autumn’s Precious Pooch—The Duchess of Clooney, or simply Clooney to her humble subjects—for five-ish years. She's Autumn’s adorable Cocker Spaniel. Named after—well, seriously, I have complete faith you can figure out who The Queen’s favorite actor is, right?

Upon arrival around noonish at Autumn’s Castle (I had my chauffeur stop at a Subway near her Estate so her Staff could have the day off and I could treat her to lunch. It was the least I could do.), I was introduced to the sweetest, darling-est, most yummiest Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy EVER born.

It is with immense pleasure I now share pictures of Princess Kate and Duchess Clooney:

Princess Kate (and her snazzy red bows!)

Duchess Clooney taking a little snooze as Princess Kate poses poshly for the camera.

The Royal Luncheon wore Princess Kate plum out!

MERCI, Autumn, for a simply lovely day at your elegant home. I’m grateful for the devinely delightful memory…

Hugs and Smooches, Pooches,


Autumn said...

Awww. I so love my beautiful puppies. And I love your warm and lavish descriptions of them and of my home. Now your readers should know there may have been a tiny bit of embellishment and exaggeration. But it's cozy and a fit setting for my dogs!

The Leightons said...

Warm descriptions--I hope, Ms. Autumn. Lavish--not in the least, Silly Girl (said with my pretend British accent)!

No embellishments. No exagerrations. Straight up truths--well, except you aren't a Real Queen and your home is not a Real Castle (but it is GORGEOUS and stately and elegant) and you don't have a Real Staff and your hubby is not a Real King (they are all Kings in their own minds, don't you agree?). I don't have a chauffeur, either (except when Hubby or TLC agrees to drive). But those slight details are the only mild/MINI exagerrations.

As I mentioned in our texting, when Disney calls, TLC and I only want the normal 15%. How about we'll let this be considered our semi-oral contract? Okay. Done and done.

Love you, oodles and poodles!!!