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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts

On this Valentine’s Day, we’d LOVE to share some of the things that make us have Grateful and Happy Hearts:

Our Devotion to Almighty God, Our Lord and Savior, and His Son, Jesus Christ;

Our Handsome, Adorable, Wonderful Hubbies;

Our Love of and Devotion to Each Other;

Our Families and Friends;

Our Hysterically Humorous Pets—Cobbler Kitty, Mortimer Kitty, Prince Henry Puppy and Duke TBBB Dog;

Our Homes, Health and Safety;

And, most of all,

Our INCREDIBLE EXCITEMENT and JOY at the mere thought of our upcoming Baby C!!!

From Our Hearts to Yours…this Day… and ALWAYS,

with Love and Kisses from

The Leightons


Patti said...

Taking time each day to list the things we are thankful for is a very good practice.

Happy Valentine's Day.


The Leightons said...

You are absolutely right, Patti! When I first read The Secret, Ms. Byrne talked about waking up each morning and, as she put her feet on the floor, she would say "Thank" with the first foot and "You" with the second. It was the beginning of being grateful all day long.

Making a list--on your computer, phone, or even actually writing it out (imagine that!)--is a commitment you couldn't possibly regret, right? An investment of your time in being hopeful and positive has to be worth every second. I find just saying my list in an on-going prayer, all day long, helps me. On a bad day, I sometimes have to really talk myself into stopping and remembering to be thankful I'm alive. Angry, frustrated, stressed, confused and/or hurt? It all means I'm alive.

Hope you had a Happy Heart Day and thank YOU for your time and thoughts!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry I'm a day late coming over to read this post.
I really enjoyed it, and I'm sure the world would be a better place if more people shared your attitude.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Patti said...

In December 2003, when my husband was 7 months into what turned out to be 25 months of unemployment, I began to count my blessings. (We were a single income homeschooling family at the time. Now our kids are done with school, but we are still a single income family.)

As I began to count my blessings, I actually began to FEEL thankful While in the beginning I could only give thanks for things like sight and hearing, eventually, I began to give thanks for the situation we were in, for through that situation, we saw God's provision in ways we never would have otherwise.

AT any rate I thought things looked bleak (and they were), but there WERE still things to be thankful for, and by giving thanks in the midst of my bleak circumstances, I was abundantly blessed.

Sorry for the long comment.


The Leightons said...

Hi, Paul...

It's never too late to stop by for a visit! We're truly honored you do. And thank you for such a sweet comment! Yep, the Whole Wide World could use an Attitude of Gratitude Adjustment! Amen.


The Leightons said...


Thank you so very much for sharing a truly difficult and challenging time in y'all's life. And sharing it with such honesty and hopefulness. I am still moved and very teary. Your words comfort and inspire. We're GRATEFUL for YOU!