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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In Conclusion

Baby C and I had the loveliest President's Day weekend visiting ELC, Pa-Dad and TBBB. Our days were filled with laughter, bacon, merriment, waffles, naps, Thin Mints, bacon, relaxation and bread. Basically, I ate. A lot. It was all for the Baby. (Perhaps having bacon for breakfast AND lunch on Saturday was slightly excessive, but what Baby C wants, Baby C gets. I'm just grateful it’s not currently on my "Meats I Have An Aversion To" list.)

As ELC reported, we had a delish Italian Sunday lunch with 2/3rds of The Crouch Gals. Then Mom and I scooted to the small theater down the road from the restaurant to see The Vow. We shared a box of Pretzel M&Ms—because it’d been an hour since we’d dined.  (As of this morn, I have given ALL candy up for Lent. I'm glad my last hurrah was with those little delights.) What a super sweet show. ELC and I both boo-hooed (we did remember tissues!). We think Rachel McAdams is simply beyond adorable. Channing Tatum? Hunk-a-hunk-a-burnin’-love. Seriously. Swoon. We highly recommend this flick.

(Once back at the casa, I'm proud to say we went for a walk. Okay. We had to make room for the next smorgasbord.)

That evening, My Dearest Dad made us an extra-tasty dinner. It was the perfect end to a perfect day. We had a pasta (you can NEVER have enough pasta—or so we strongly feel) dish (with asparagus, pine nuts and Ricota cheese) and one of my Mom’s famous salads. Dad did a homemade dressing that was YUMMO. Oh, and more bread. I was worried I might be stuffing myself too much for what was planned next on The Agenda: trying on maternity clothes January had graciously loaned to me. This was my text to her when we had completed this daunting—and, perhaps, somewhat frustrating—task (Yes, I say "we" because Mom was a significant part of the “team” effort. January is teeny-tiny. Some of her tops and dresses had to be pulled off of my ever-expanding body by a completely pooped ELC):

Mom and I have been trying on your maternity clothes. Thank you so much for thinking I could fit into anything XS!!! LOL. I've found some items I LOVE and that should work—for a few weeks. I think, however, you have underestimated how much smaller you were (let's be honest—have always been), while preggers, than moi. Even when it comes to dresses. Specifically the pretty dress you wore to your shower at my house. When you were 8 months pregnant. I could sort of get it on my 4ish-months’ pregnant body. But Mom had to pry it off. That was a sight to see!

(No pictures, please.)

On Monday, I woke up to (more) waffles, blueberry yogurt and a bit of melancholiness. Though I was tres anxious to see My Guys, Hubby and Henry, I was tres-er sad to see my mini- vacation come to an end. It's truly like visiting a comfy/cozy resort when I go home. I'll always wish my folks lived closer to me.

Thank you, ELC and Dad! I missed you the minute I drove down the hill to the gate. Let’s do it again—real soon. Have the bacon ready.
Until next time...


Autumn said...

That is so sweet. I can only hope my child feels the teeniest bit like you do about visiting home.

Patti said...

It's wonderful that you live close enough for occasional visits. I SO miss living near family.

Your post has caused me to remember with fondness my first pregnancy (back in 1989). I absolutely loved being pregnant, and I enjoyed wearing maternity clothes. My mother-in-law, who sews beautifully, made me a huge maternity wardrobe. I was one very well-dress pregnant gal.

Have a great weekend.


The Leightons said...

Sweet Autumn:

He does. I know he does. Boys are definitely different, but I have no doubt your amazing young man is always grateful to be home with you and Your Hubby Man. Always! He just probably wouldn't express it in quite the same way as TLC. You are a FANTASTIC Mom!


I do know how lucky I am! I hope you get to be closer to family--very soon!

I, too, loved being pregnant. Cherished feeling her move for the first time. I can remember it even now--28 years later. How awesome about your mother-in-law! I'll bet you looked even more beautiful, thanks to her thoughtfulness and talents. What a kind lady!

You have a Wonderful Weekend, too, and thanks for visiting!