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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thus Far . . .

It's an All TLC-And-Baby Kind-O'-Weekend! Her Sweet Hubby went to his family's lake house with Henry and she came to our country casa for some R&R, visits with dear friends and pampering.

While she and her Dad watch a show called Chainsaw Ice Sculptors (seriously?), please allow me to share with y’all what has happened, thus far:

About an hour after TLC arrived from The Big City last night, the three of us loaded up in Hubby's ride and headed to the AT&T store in town. It was past time for TLC to cash in her birthday coupon from us for an iPhone 4s. Once this was accomplished (I sat in his truck and caught up on Words With Friends. Please BE IMPRESSED: I’ve now ventured into the realm of challenging Random Players—yep—I’m just that experienced and adventurous.), we went to a FroYo shop and taught My Sweet Hubby (MSH) how to fix his own cup of non-fat yogurt with toppings, weigh it and pay for it. Even though his weighed significantly more than our two put together, he left slightly disappointed because he forgot the caramel syrup.

On the 20-minute ride back home, TLC worried, out loud, about what we were going to fix her for breakfast. She wanted to know every possibility. At a little over four months pregnant, she focuses a lot on what her next meal or snack will be. Bless her heart. She's eating for two, don'tcha know. (And what can I say? I gained sixty (60) pounds with her. Not proud of that. Promise.)

This morning, her Dad happily prepared her request of biscuits with bacon and cheese. She and I then headed to one of our most favourite towns, Granbury, for lunch and a long overdue catch-up with our doll-ing friend, Taylor. She was one of TLC's Matrons of Honor (Almost two years ago? No. Not possible.).  She's drawing close to delivering her second child. She and Her Sweet Hubby have a precious 2 1/2 year-old son and will soon have a second Angel Boy. Woo Hoo! She looked absolutely amazing. I am sooo mad at myself. I meant to get the two Little Mamas' picture as soon as we got to Hank’s, our adored go-to lunch place on the Square. We were completely SHOCKED to find it closed. Like permanently, you ask? Yes, we think forever. That had me so flustered I never quite recovered and flat forgot the photo.

With broken hearts, and through pouring rain (we've gotten more rain in our little corner of Texas!), we had to find another place to dine and dish. Taylor had been to a cute one called The Mud Puppy. She drove us there and we liked it—immediately and immensely! We laughed and laughed and never wanted our time together to come to an end.

Bidding Taylor farewell (we can't wait to see her tiny bundle of joy in a few weeks), we headed back to our town so TLC could have a pregnant person's massage. I ran a few errands while she spent an hour in Heaven. We've been home since 4:30—CST. I’ve accomplished little to nothing. She and Baby C had a good nap. When she awoke, we were to work on a post together. First we had to warm up her favourite pizza I picked up for her. Then she had to have some Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Now she’s “too tired” to think. AND she's completely fascinated by the Chainsaw Sculptor-ers. It seems to be a marathon evening about these peeps and their "teams." Yippee.

She’s promised me we’ll work on our next post—sometime tomorrow. After we have lunch with The Crouch Girls (we’ll be the Fab Four, sadly—Lee can’t meet us this time). And after we see The Vow. I’m sure we’ll be able to settle down in my office and finally work on it when we get home from those two greatly anticipated and fun events. Wait, no, first she'll have to nap. Then we’ll have to have dinner (MSH is fixin’ something special for his Baby Girl). She’ll have to rummage around our cupboards and in our pantry for a bit after that. Earlier, before her naptime this afternoon, she told me what she wants for breakfast. Blueberry yogurt and waffles. Waffles aren't on the Dukan Diet. Something tells me she doesn't really care.

(BTW: I'm quite proud of myself and must brag a skosh, okay? Miss iPhone couldn't figure out why her new 4S didn't have Siri. ELC to the rescue! I suggested she check her settings. After several minutes of skepticism, she caved. Problem solved. You’re welcome, TLC. Anytime I can give you technical cellphone advice, give me a buzz.)

Have a SWEET Saturday Night, Friends Everywhere . . .

smooches . . .


Autumn said...

What an absolutely wonderful weekend! I know it was fun, fun, fun. But I'm so sad. First, Merry Heart Tearoom and now Hank's? Am I going to have to come out of retirement and open a restaurant? Gosh?

The Leightons said...

It was magnificent, Autumn! I cried when it had to end. (Then we napped for two hours, after she left. Yikes. She wore us out!)

As a matter of fact, Ms. Autumn, you ARE going to have to open a restaurant on the Square. I cannot imagine a more FABULOUS idea, Sweet Friend! It would be TOO MUCH FUN. With delicious food. Not sure Duchess Clooney and Princess Kate would be happy about this idea. Hmmm. But I VOTE YES!!!

smooches and THANK YOU!