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Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm Still Pregnant

Yep. Little Leighton decided fireworks weren't really her "thing." She's still rocking and rolling in there. And it's still REALLY hot. I want to move into the produce room at Costco. It's so chilly in there, you can actually see your breath. That's my kind of party.

I should be packing my hospital bag. LL's was finished last week. But, I'm wondering if that will jinx me? Perhaps I should just put my list together so I can quickly grab everything when the Little Princess decides she's ready. ELC is determined it will be tomorrow. Or Tuesday. I'm sure trying. I'm walking every evening. I also heard eggplant might help. I'm willing to give it a whirl.

Since my brain is virtually mush at this point, I've compiled a random conglomeration of pictures I wanted to share with y'all. First up:  My new BLUE chair, compliments of My Sweet Dad.

I was inspired to update a piece of furniture. Unfortunately, LL keeps me limited as to what I can paint. Who did I call when I decided on the PERFECT chair (purchased from Garden Ridge about 6 years ago) for my idea? That's right:  MSD! He's always up for a "fun" (relatively speaking) weekend project. I'm BOWLED OVER with how it turned out. It now resides in my dining room and it's truly the icing on the cake. The room positively POPS now.



I'm not completely sold on the pillow.
While I do love it, I think the chair might need something brighter.
I also have good intentions of painting the bottom 5ish inches of the front two legs 
Yep. GOLD.

Our master bathroom shower faucet handle-thingy (technical term) broke. Thus, Hubby and I (as if "I" actually did anything other than accompany him to Lowe's) became inspired to replace all of our bathroom fixtures. MSH (My Sweet Hubby, but y'all knew that), much like MSD, is super handy! He's done all of the work himself. We went with "oil-rubbed bronze." Here's a sneak peak (ignore the giant, orange belly in the mirror):

Though I've had only a few cravings, I cannot get sno-cones off my mind lately. Particularly, "Strawberry Cheesecake WITH CREAM!" Yum. Yum.

Isn't the little umbrella festive?
Like I always say:  
Life is FAR too short NOT to have a little umbrella in your drink.
(Okay. I actually didn't originate this little gem. Darnnit.
I "borrowed" it from a set of cute post-its.)

I have a limited number of  "pregnant" pictures of moi (save for the muu-muu self-portraits), but thought I would document this one on the ol' bloggerroo so you can see my big, ol' progress! I swear, LL MUST weigh 10 pounds by now.

This was taken, by Nelly, at my absolutely fabulous baby shower
(at Tillman's in Fort Worth!) a few weekends ago.
It was hosted by the sweetest friends in the entire world.
LL was QUITE spoiled.

Aaaaannnnnddddd, that's about it. LOL. (I admitted my brain is MUSH, right? That's on a good day.) I'm now going to sit here on my couch, thinking about packing my bag and wishing my precious Angel Baby would decide she's ready to greet the World.  

(I also plan to send MSH to the sno-cone stand. STAT.)

Happy Sunday, Dolls!


Unknown said...

TLC!! You are absolutely adorable! Thoinks for the posting the pic... so, so, so cute! You look like you have months to go you lucky duck! I've almost sworn off going out in public because of ALL the comments I get. Ugh.

So, are we taking bets on who will go first and/or if our ladies will arrive on the same day?? Any takers? :)

Tons of prayers and well wishes going your way for these final days, and for a fast, easy, and safe arrival of that precious babe. -K

Emma's Mommy and Daddy said...

when is your actual due date? has your doctor talked about inducing? i know exactly how you feel but i am not due for another 5 weeks! the first time around with emma was easy because she was born in february this big boy will either be end of july or august (prefer ASAP!)
you look great... i am the size of a small SUV!! people are so rude and have no filter for pregnant woman (YES we have feelings too!!) i had a lady at my work tell me i looked just as pregnant in the back as i did in th front! RUDE-MUCH!!
i will pray for a smooth, quick and safe delivery for everyone! can't wait to see pics...

The Leightons said...

Miss K --

You are too too too sweet! It must be the black dress because there is no hiding this BIG Baby Hump. Been thinking about you and your precious family and saying lots o' prayers. Wouldn't it be positively FABULOINKS if our girls arrived on the same day? OMGOSH. How can we make that happen?


Hi, Miss B!

First, thank you for reading the blog! My actual due date is 7/24. But it's looking like she will hopefully (fingers crossed!) be arriving next week! If not before. Which, as you can imagine, I'm totally okay with! LOL. This heat is BRUTAL. I didn't realize you were preggers, too! I know you look precious! People are BANANAS. Don't listen to any of them. At 5 months, I had someone tell me they didn't see how I could get any bigger since I STILL had four months to go. Who says that kind of stuff? GEEZ. I've probably TRIPLED in size since then. So, ha on that person! That's how I got bigger! Tee hee hee. I bet Emma is so excited about becoming a Big Sister! Congrats to you and your family! I'll be praying for y'all!