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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In The Words of Clint Black

"This killin' time, is killin' me."

Yep.  I'm still pregnant.  And this is what ELC lovingly just told my Hubby, after we returned home from a sixteen hour excursion of walking and roaming The Metroplex.  (The absolute favourite highlight of our day?  A lovely lunch with January!)

Get a load of this belly:

This outfit was actually purchased at Gap Maternity yesterday in the hopes that I would "ironically" never get to wear it because it would immediately cause labor.  Guess what?  That didn't happen.  However, it is super-dee-duper comfy.  And if you live around my 'burb, you're sure to see me wearing this for the next however-many-days-until-Little-Leighton-makes-her-grand debut.

BTW:  During that same shopping trip (aka:  Waddle Fest 2012), a woman at Dillard's looked at me with alarm (dare I say fright?) and exclaimed:

OH MY!  You might be in trouble soon!

Yep, Dillard's Lady.  I hope it's SOON.  The sooner the better.  Even Henry is getting tired of looking at my muu-muu.

Until next time, Friends!


1 comment:

The Leightons said...

I don't have a guess. I have a vote. I vote FRIDAY!

Grammy ELC