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Friday, July 13, 2012

No. . .

No Little Leighton. Not yet. Her Mama was eight days past my due date. Fashionably late, that TLC. She did end up studying and treasuring fashion, but really became someone who works hard at being on time and dependable. Little Leighton isn't even close to fashionably late. It only might look like she is. Oops.

A note from TLC:
Ignore my chins.
I didn't realize ELC was taking my photo
or I would have angled my face a bit more flattering-like.
I also wouldn't have tried to look so perplexed. But, the truth is:  I WAS.
Baby gear is tricky, y'all.
Oh.  And that top/tunic? It's not maternity.  
Hence the EXTRA tightness around my mid-section/hips.
It could have nothing to do with my recent sno-cone obsession.
Smooch.  Smooch.
End of note.

Here's TLC at BuyBuyBaby this past Wednesday. Trying to understand how to get Little Leighton's carseat to properly fit into her stroller. Turns out it's tres simple. Who knew? In fact, this is what TLC actually said to the two young men helping her (I witnessed it):

"Well. There you go.  Easy peasy. It just SEEMS like I need a Ph.D. in Baby Paraphenalia. Sorry to bother you." Sweet Little Semi-Clueless Mama.

To help make this Baby Wait a tidbit easier, I've found myself watching some interesting (?) shows on TV.

ELC's Confessions (Confession = Good For The Soul. Yes, Friends, yes it is.):

The Bachelorette—In the past, I have bravely (Is that really the most appropriate word?) shared my unexplainable addiction to these ridiculous shows. I'm not proud that I ALWAYS say: "I am NOT doing it this time. I am NOT watching this show." Then, YEP, I fail. I do want to tell y'all I like Emily. I mean this—sincerely. Not sure she'll end up with either of the two fellas left (My most favourite? Jef.) But I think she's adorable and I'm waiting, with baited breath (what the heck does that mean?), to watch The Finale.

Duets—FABULOUS show. CeeCee's been enjoying this one, too! I've loved Kelly Clarkson (Duh. She's a Texan!) since the first American Idol. I believe Jennifer Nettles is BEYOND gifted. I wasn't all that familiar with Jon Legend--other than his name. He's CHARMING. I'm now a fan! Robin Thicke is sooo cute. Their fantastic personalities and talents have made it a marvelous TV-watchin’ experience. I'll be happy with any of The Final Three as The Winner. (My most very favourite? John.)

Master Chef--My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I watch this show together. This is our second go-round. Not sure how long it's been around. We've discovered we usually have common "favourite" contestants. As y’all know, I'm not fond of fish. I often comment to MSH, unnecessarily since we've been together over 35 years, that I couldn't eat most of the fish dishes I see on any of the “contest” chef shows we tune in. Or, for that matter, any food/cooking show. But, with Master Chef, I find myself thinking even these particular Chef Peeps make fish dishes that look good to moi. I wish MSH could be a contestant on this show. First, he is SOOOOOO darned precious. In every single sense of that word. Second, he's a FABULOUS Home/Chuckwagon/Outdoor Kitchen Chef. In my somewhat subjective, yet humble, opinion. Unfortunately, and I'm not convinced he'd admit to this, I believe Gordon kind of scares him. Just a tidbit. (Nothing scares him. Typically. Except snakes and scorpions and centipedes. And Gordon.)

A few other shows I find myself intrigued with/by? Storage Wars (Yes. This is embarrassing because I clearly have Fancy/Royal-ish/Classy taste in entertainment and this show defies that fancy-ness.); The Exes (Discovered it after Happily Divorced. It CRACKS me up.); Love in the Wild (SUPER Classy. What is wrong with me?); and, very recently (I've come in rather—and could you please hear me saying "rather" like Mrs. Howell on Gilligan's Island, PLEASE?—tardy to the party on this one), The Glass House. Double SHEESH. HELP! I need some good books to read.

I'm delighted to confirm I still don't watch ANY of the completely useless "Housewives" shows. Not even one. (Can you say that, TLC? Hmmm.) And I don't intend to watch Hillybilly Handfishin'. Trust me. Lauren has no doubt on this one.

Please come out to see us, SOON, Little Leighton. Grammy is losing more and more of her semi-smart brain cells every hour.  Make that every minute. Yikes.

ALL! (Somewhat Hallooween-ish for July, but, as TLC likes to say: There you go. It's July. It's Friday. It's the 13th.) Woo Hoo!!!

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