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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Remember this post about laughing? Well, I have a new one:  Laughing My Baby Out. Yep. I've been trying to do that now for 5 days. It hasn't really worked (thus far), though I won't give up that easily.

ELC stayed with me until Thursday. We were able to accomplish LOTS. We always do. We make a good team. For instance, we:

Walked the mall.

Watched Breaking Bad (with My Sweet Hubby) and Pregnant In Heels (without MSH).

Purchased ANOTHER adorable "Jelly Cat" stuffed animal for Little Leighton. This one is a pink and cream striped ZEBRA. Precious.

Went to Target.

Dusted my house.

Vacummed my house.

Attempted (don't try this at home) to clean our David Yurman cross necklaces via a "recipe" I saw on Pinterest. We deemed that experiment semi-unsuccessful.  It cleaned them WAY TOO MUCH. Oops.

Cleaned out my spice cabinet.

Went to World Market for a new spice rack (thank you, January, for the recommendation!).

Purchased a new "tea towel" at World Market to hang on my oven handle.

Purchased a new jewelry cleaning cloth from James Avery (the MUCH safer route for polishing silver).

Took my car to get the oil changed.

Took my bucket o' change to the local "Coin Star" machine at Kroger to cash it in. Yep. We sure did.

Browsed Hobby Lobby. We stocked up on ribbon. And I'm going to attempt to make a wreath via the festive fabric I purchased (on sale). It will be for Halloween. I'll keep y'all posted on the progress.

Made Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti. It was YUM. ELC made her Sassy Spinach Salad (but minus the chicken).

Went to Walmart where ELC purchased a cute pair of linen-y pants. And succulents. And a clock. Random combo, no? I purchased a flow-y, coral-y dress that should work fabulously post-pregnancy. And a new doormat.

Went to Target (again) for "organizers." I decided Thursday morning I just HAD to clean out all of my bathroom drawers. I found the cutest acrylic trays for my makeup. ELC wanted me to take a "before" picture." I refused because that particular drawer was GROSS. Here is the after:

In the process of cleaning out the makeup drawer, I "rediscovered" this little jewel:

I highly recommend it. The shade is "Peony."

ELC headed home right in the middle of the bathroom-drawer-organizational-extravaganza. Hmmm. Me thinks she was over my OCD-ness. However, she's on HIGH ALERT, if/when I FINALLY go into labor.

Oh! And I want to share with y'all two fun products. The first is a favourite of ELC and Autumn. And now it's one of mine, too:

This mascara rocks.

Also, I read about this in one of ELC's magazines. I used them last night and thoroughly enjoyed them:

You can purchase these at your local Target (I know you're shocked).

These past two days without ELC have not been as productive. Of course I went to Target, again, yesterday (for the eye makeup remover pads and cinnamon rolls). I also did a little laundry. Tonight, I'm attempting a new Crock Pot recipe I saw on WFAA's (channel 8) Weekend Daybreak this morning. It's called "Baseball Chicken." I have no clue why. It's only four ingredients:

3-4 Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts
2 cans of Rotel
1 package of Taco Seasoning
1 stick of Butter

You place all of the above (in that order) in the CP and cook on high for four hours. Then you shred it up and serve it in crunchy taco shells. Delish.

Henry and I sure do miss ELC. Lucky for us, she'll be back on Monday! WOO HOO.

I hope LL decides to come soon. This "killin' time" is clearly getting expensive (as you can see from the above). Even with our Coin Star "winnings." LOL.

Hope y'all are having a WONDERFUL WEEKEND.

Smooches and hugs.

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