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Sunday, July 1, 2012


It has occurred to me Mortimer The Cat (Morty—as most family members and friends call him) has not received much attention lately. Well, not on LOL. He gets loads of attention—on a daily basis. Trust me.

It’s time, at this point in my life, to share something I  haven’t been able to type—before now. Except in a few past emails—when it happened. Here goes:

Our beloved cat, Cobbler, had to be put to sleep in March. He was about to be twelve years old. He’d had a good life with us, but he’d developed a condition that was often painful for him. The treatment for it had become challenging. Too hard.

TLC had gotten Cobbler as a brand new kitten, from one of her friends, only a couple of weeks before we moved to the country. She’d named him Cobbler after a character in a book she was reading. He’d lived several years with our older cat, Keegan, in the Barn, until Keegan passed away.

For about five years, Cobbler'd been alone. Not truly alone. He’d had us. And hundreds of birds and other critters to entertain him. Each evening, we’d tuck him in at his special spot in the Barn—closing the doors to keep him protected from coyotes and bobcats. Any potential predators. Without going into the difficult and, for me, still, heartbreaking details, My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I were with Cobbler when he passed. As was our treasured Veterinarian, Dr. Noah. She’d taken care of him since he’d come to live with us as a wee little one. We’ll always have truly special and fond memories of Precious Cobby-Poo. We’ll always miss him. His adventure to the country began with our own and ended in a resting place under some live oak trees near his Barn.

Two years ago in August, we happily welcomed Mortimer to our Country Casa! It seemed like the perfect solution to two situations: TLC and Her Sweet Hubby (HSH) needed to find a home for Mortimer, their house cat that spent too much time alone because of their jobs (getting into unacceptable mischief—like tearing up furniture); and our situation that involved us strongly feeling Cobbler needed a companion, having lost his "big sis," Keegan.

The weekend TLC and HSH brought Mortimer to our place was tough. It was going to be a tres different kind of life for him. He was used to being inside all day long. Never going outside. Now he was going to be both an inside and outside cat. We all worried it might not work. We started our prayers.

TLC and HSH stayed two nights at the apartment, with Morty, to help begin his transition. When they left that Sunday, I remember TLC being in tears.  I was, too. Two years later, he seems to be happily content with us. And Teddy Buddy Boo Bear (TBBB), a dog we never could have warned him we'd adopt. (That still shocks all of us!) Morty had to adjust to not only TBBB, but also, recently, to the absence of Cobbler. He's done magnificently with both. He's a trooper. He tickles us and gets deeper and deeper into our hearts with each passing day.

I considered doing “A Day in the Life of Mortimer,” as I did for TBBB. Then I had to face reality: it would mostly be pictures of him just moving around to find his next sleeping spot.  I reiterate and confirm: Morty’s Life is GOOD.

I’ve chosen some of my favourite pictures of him. I think you’ll understand why he never ceases to CRACK US UP. If he’s over at our house? He’s up on our arbor or sleeping on a small table under the arbor. If he’s over at His Domain—The Barn and Apartment? He could be anywhere. Up in the loft (where he lived the first two months after our adoption of him and where he still loves to hide). Or on the porch. Or, if anyone is staying at the apartment, for a night or a few days, he can be found lying on the floor in the “den” or roaming the remaining five rooms—including MSH’s Man Cave/Office (Morty’s cherished spot is MSH’s camo recliner—which does somewhat annoy MSH a tidbit-ish). We’re never sure what Morty Moo's searching for, as he slinks and stalks around, or if he does ever, in fact, find the elusive "it." We do know he’ll eventually plop down and take The Inevitable and Mandatory Snooze.


His most favourite spot.
And how flexibly talented is he, right?

CrAzY Kitty.

The porch sure feels cool on a hot,
Texas summer day.

Looking out over his domain.

Random. I know.
But in one of our pastures
two months ago. They're wild!
Daisies:  The friendliest of all flowers.
Just ask Meg.

I can’t wait for Little Leighton to meet Morty and tell her the story of how he came to live in the country. She’ll adore him. Like we all do!

Hope y’all are having a Sweet Sunday—wherever you are…


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