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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Not how old I am. Yet. Have you a few years left before I reach that age—and I DO hope to make it to 75.

Not how many shows are on my three DVRs that I haven’t watched yet. That number is more like 175.

No. It’s the new speed limit on many roads in Texas. Specifically, the road that MSH and I must take to town for our grocery, cleaning, shopping, entertainment, etc. needs.

When I got my driver’s license (I got a “hardship” at age 15—long story), the speed limit on most highways in Texas was 70. In the early 70s, during a gas “crisis” in America, most roads, even highways, had a speed limit of 55. This, of course, was torturous. Even for moi, who pretty much drove like a “Granny Geezer” even when I was young.

The speed limit went to 65 in the late 80s. Then back to 70 in the late 90s.

I can’t quite figure out whose brilliant idea it was to change it to 75. Surely not the auto insurance companies. How stupid would they be to want that? Maybe the oil and gas lobbies? Trucking companies? (We're so happy they can go faster because they're no threat to our safety as it is.) I don’t know. But I am beyond disappointed in our State Senators and Representatives that allowed this to happen.

Here’s my argument/reasoning:

When the speed limit is 70, at least 65% of the people on the road, including the 18-wheelers, are going 75 or 80. 30% are going 70. 5% are going either 40 or 90. (These statistics are not scientific or even remotely legit. They are based on my own experience as an observer as I drive the highways of Texas.)

Now that it’s 75, too many people (at least my 65%) will be going 80 to 85. That’s ridiculous. Insane. cRaZy. S.T.U.P.I.D. Period.

I, of course, expect to continue to get dirty looks and awful gestures made to me as I stay around 72 or 73. I can handle it. That’s as fast as I’m going, folks. Sorry. I’ll continue to deal with the wrath and hatefulness I receive.

No one—especially inexperienced teens—NO ONE needs to be going 80 miles an hour anywhere. Not even in West Texas. Or New Mexico. Or Wyoming. Nowhere.

And that’s my opinion. For what it’s worth.