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Friday, August 16, 2013


In our area of North Central Texas, frozen yogurt shops are all the rage. They've popped up everywhere! They’ve many different names (TLC informs Us Geezers that the code name for all of them is “FroYo.”) and clever/pretty/clean seating areas. But they're all basically the same.

The small town we live thirteen miles away from has one of these shops. (Unless a new one has opened that I’ve not yet heard about or seen in my travels to run errands.)

First you pick a cup to fill. There’re usually two to three sizes. Then you pick your flavor (12 to 16 choices—some low-fat and some non-fat) of soft-serve yogurt. You get to pretend you work there and fill your cup from the machines. Then you move on to the "buffet-style" toppings. About 40 different candy etc. toppings tempt your hungry eyes.

Last, you put your cup on a little scale at the checkout counter/register area. You pay by weight. I've paid as little as $3 and as much as $5. For a smallish cup with 2 to 3 (chocolate, of course) candies. I've seen people's cups cost as much as $7. Yikes. 

Now this story switches horses (as usual for moi):

For as long as I've known My Sweet Hubby (MSH), which is over thirty-six years, he’s entertained his family and friends with names, words and phrases that he makes up. Because he can’t quite remember the right name, word or phrase.

Recent examples include:

Cupcake Lids=Muffin Tops

Mia Patia’s=Mi Familia (A Mexican restaurant in our town—and he has no idea why he cannot remember the name because for ten years he ate there once a week—until his retirement. This past January. TLC and I now just call it Mia Patia’s. If we say the right name, he asks us what we’re talking about. Simply not worth our time. Sheesh.)

The Boiling Pot=Potbelly’s (The Boiling Pot is a seafood restaurant in Rockport, Texas. Potbelly’s is a sandwich chain in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area—I’m not sure about other parts of our country or the World. When MSH texted me, two days ago, he was stopping to eat at The Boiling Pot after running a few errands in Ft. Worth, I got completely confused. I didn’t think he’d had time to go to Rockport—about six hours away. TLC knew immediately what he meant. Young brain cells—I miss them.)

MoYo=FroYo (“I’d kinda like to run into town for some MoYo. Anyone else interested?” MSH now says this at least once a week.)

Enjoy Your Weekend, Sweet Silly Friends Everywhere! Be safe and HAPPY…