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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Two Movies, A Girl and Her Pajamas

I think the last time I saw a movie in the actual theater was October 2012. Taken 2. It was one of our first "date nights" since the arrival of Little Leighton. The movie was okay. (Not near as good as the first.) But, alas, it could have been a documentary on ice fishing, and I wouldn't have minded one teeny bit. I simply LOVE going to movie theaters! Wearing a sweater (in July -- in Texas) because it's so dark and chilly. Popcorn with a box of Raisinets dumped right in. Large (extra large!) Diet Cokes. It's one of my most favourite experiences.

Since we don't make it out much, I have now come to truly appreciate and fully embrace curling up on the couch in my cozy jammies (Piggy PJs, nonetheless) and settling in to watch a movie at home. I'm a little behind in the "current hits," though I'm trying to play catch-up. This week alone, I've watched Silver Linings Playbook (Bradley Cooper and his baby blues, need I say more, people?) and Admissions (I want Tina Fey to be my friend, and who doesn't adore Paul Rudd? Have you seen his Sesame Street episode? One word: ADORBS.). The movies couldn't have been more different, yet I found them equally charming. They both had me in tears at some point, too! Silver Linings does have some, shall we say, graphic language and scenes, but I found I was able to overlook them as the love story between a man and a woman unfolded -- amidst mental illness and a dance competition. (I'm sorry. I never claimed to be an excellent "movie summarizer." Oops.) Admissions was not at all what I expected, but it pleasantly surprised me. Lily Tomlin was a hoot. (And a toot!) It has a lot of soul and heart. I recommend both!

Stand by now for the next installment of my movie reviews. I'm sure you have a good, solid six (nine?) months! Tee hee hee.