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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Laced Earrings, Chefs and Snacks

As you may recall, I have a "not-so-secret" addiction to General Hospital. Oh, yes. I do. My Sweet Little Leighton takes her afternoon nap around 1:30ish. Since that's smack dab in the middle of my soap, I've started DVR-ing (surely this is a word by now) it and watching the episodes at night after she drifts off to dreamland. One evening, ELC decided to join me. She's watched GH off-and-on for 30+ years. Though many of the characters are still the same, I was trying to catch her up quickly on the recent events surrounding Port Charles. Of course, I know soaps aren't meant to be taken seriously, but sometimes I forget how funny they can be. I started telling ELC about the backstory behind Luke's radiation poisoning. You see, Helena Cassadine laced his earring with Polonium-210. HIS EARRING! Bless his heart. He had no clue until he became mysteriously ill. Now he's on the hunt for an allusive cure, but the clock's ticking! Tee hee hee. We couldn't help but giggle.

In addition to GH, I've been hooked on Top Chef Masters and MasterChef. I am especially amazed by the "home cooks" on MasterChef. There is no way I could create what they do in the amount of time given. It blows my mind. I'm constantly saying -- out loud and to the TV (much like how men carry on while watching sports) -- "Oh my gosh! NO! I would just have to walk away right now! I would have to take off my apron and leave the show immediately! I wouldn't know where to start!" The only downside to both of these shows is the beautiful food always makes me so hungry, and I try desperately hard not to eat past 6:30ish every night.

Speaking of yummy food, have y'all tried Justin's Honey Almond Butter? Holy guacamole. It's good. And expensive. But TOTALLY worth it. (The Target near my house actually sells little "sample packets." Quite nice and very handy to throw in your purse. This way you can try it first without committing to an entire jar.) If I do end up fudging on my "6:30 Rule" by having a late night nosh, I can't help but feel a little less guilty since I'm reaching for a jar of all natural almond butter. (So what if I'm smothering a buttery Ritz cracker in it. I'm fairly certain the "all natural-ness" cancels out the Ritz.)

Happy Tuesday Evenin', Reader Peeps!