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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I have three confessions for y'all on this rainy (in our part of Texas) Wednesday:
  1. I go to bed at night dreaming about my morning coffee with Baileys (non-alcoholic) Creamer. Little Leighton and I recently made the switch to formula. While I was previously fine drinking my decaf lattes, I have come to rediscover my need love of a good ol' jolt of caffeine. Yum.
  2. I'm mildly obsessed with General Hospital. Yes, I, TLC, have become addicted to all things GH. Granted, I have no clue what the heck is going on or who's who (though I did Google a "Port Charles Family Tree" hoping that could give me some insight), I love it. I may or may not plan our day (i.e. feeding and nap times) around my 1:00 "appointment" with my soap/story. (That's right. I have a soap! I'm "that" girl.) If any of you lovely readers could fill me in on what's been going on the past 30ish or so years, I would be much obliged.
  3. ELC and I stumbled upon our new favourite meal, of all time. McDonald's now serves a "Grilled Onion and Cheddar" Burger. It's one of their teeny hamburgers, which we concur is the most perfect size. LL and I are visiting the country this week. On Monday, we decided to make a quick trip into town to run a few errands and swing by Mickey D's. We were all (minus LL, bless her heart, she doesn't know what she's missing and, besides, was snoozing away) very hungry and excited at the thought of our traditional burger. You can imagine our unmitigated joy when we saw the sign advertising this new treat. And, it's only $1! ELC and I both ordered a burger and small fries. Then, we headed down the street to Sonic (oh, yes, we did), where we proceeded to get Large Coke Zeros with Vanilla (though we love McDonald's, they don't serve Coke Zero and we now prefer it over Diet Coke). We only felt a smidge guilty eating our McDonald's meal parked in one of their "drive-in" spots. (And yes, we realize we should be better "nutritional role models" for LL. That's coming. As soon as she can say "French Fry.") On Tuesday, ELC remembered she had a few more "errands" she needed to run. It only made sense to go around lunch, you know, because of LL's schedule. We'd had a tiny, little breakfast and knew it couldn't hurt if we needed to get McDonald's again. On Monday, we were in my car. On Tuesday, we took ELC's. This was only becasuse she had to get gas. Not because we were afraid the lovely lady in the McD's drive-thru might recognize us. As we were pulling out of Mickey D's (headed, once again, to Sonic, where the same girl from our Monday excursion waited on us there, too, though we're fairly certain she didn't recognize our trio of fast food lovin' gals) with the yummiest burgers in hand, ELC noticed the ROLO MCFLURRYS (if you've tried one, you know the importance of using all caps) were back. Of course we have self-control and the thought never once crossed our mind to whip back around and go through the line again. We promise. Rather, we decided we would enjoy our lunch, let it settle, and then head to the west part of town where we have another McDonald's. For dessert. DON'T JUDGE US. At least we didn't order another Grilled Onion and Cheddar Burger and fries (though I may have jokingly suggested it when we pulled up). Instead, we both ordered a snack-size (aren't y'all proud we have restraint?) McFlurry. And, just so you know, it was worth every bite (and every extra mile to get to that second McDonald's where we were certain we wouldn't be recognized, yet). ELC snapped this picture in Mickey D's #2 drive-thru:

Yes, yes, you will.

TTFN, Friends!


Autumn said...

Y"all are hysterical. Sneaking across town to a different McDonalds so you won't be recognized! Like some kind of espionage movie we might see on Lifetime network! I'm laughing real tears.

The Leightons said...

Thank you, Dear Autumn, for not thinking we were/are a tidbit pathetic! I don't know if you knew this--or remember it--but when our kiddos were in Intermediate school, and they were on Spring Break one year, I went to sooo many fast food windows that week--feeding TLC breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner--some of the same peeps were taking our orders. Judging me. I had to break down and go to the grocery store. I thought someone might call Child Protective Services. Or Jenny Craig. Or My Sweet Hubby!

We THANK and LOVE you!