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Saturday, January 26, 2013


Y'all know how I feel about My Sweet Dad. Well, yesterday was an incredibly special and exciting day for my family. After 45 years in banking, Dad retired! (Though he's actually been working for 56 years -- starting with a paper route. He's also bagged groceries, been a soda jerk, worked at a small department store and filling station, had another paper route and checked cement -- among other jobs.)

After obtaining his business degree (in the midst of raising three boys -- the fourth son and then eventually his favourite daughter to come a bit later), and checking said cement for the highway department, he began working at a community bank in my hometown. He then left that bank to start another -- the one he said "au revoir" and "happy trails" to yesterday. We feted him last night with a yummy dinner and a toast to the past -- today -- and the possibilities for tomorrow. Then we spent the evening thinking of new "hobby" options. Grammy ELC decided he would make a fabulous "Au-Pa" for Little Leighton. Like an au pair -- Pa-Dad style!

Dad -- I am so proud of and for you. You've left quite a legacy. Your shoes can never be filled. You are the hardest working person I know. Your perseverance, dedication, success and the drive to never stop learning amazes and inspires me every single day. ILU. Congratulations!

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