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Sunday, January 13, 2013


As a bambino, TLC was quite a challenge when it came to sleeping. She preferred to be held for nap times. At night, she'd go happily into her crib. For a time period that ranged from a couple of hours to—on a GREAT night—six hours.

I would tell My Sweet Hubby (MSH):

“When she starts to crawl, she'll be more tired and sleep better/longer.”


“When she starts walking, she'll be more tired and sleep better/longer.”


“When she starts kindergarten...”


"Maybe when she starts high school..."

TLC got her best zzz's in her car seat. It wasn't unusual for me to drive her around our town two to four afternoons a week. For an hour or so. For a few years. Gas was mucho cheaper back then. And, clearly, I had no other life. However, I've discouraged TLC from using this technique with Little Leighton (LL). She’s only done it maybe five times in almost six months. Or so she says. Hmmm.

BUT, we have, as you know, made a few shopping trips around TLC's neighborhood. If LL falls asleep before we reach our destination? Grammy Leighton drives her around—and around—and around—the fill-in-the-blank store/shopping center parking lot. 

I realized a week ago last Friday that I (and both my vehicle and TLC's vehicle) must be on the following store parking lot videotapes: Hobby Lobby (2 different days); Target (3 different days); Buy Buy Baby (3 different days); and now my local Wally World. Two days in a row.

We’d gone to town a week ago Thursday with a list of eight items to pick up. Mostly for dinner that night. Since it takes 25 minutes to get from our country casa to the west side of our hometown, where Wally World is located, LL was out like a light by the time we arrived. (She was actually out about nine minutes from when TLC placed her in her car seat in my garage.) TLC darted from my (possibly rolling) car and made it around the WW Supercenter like an Olympian track star. LL never woke up.  When close to our home, we even drove some country roads to make said nap last as long as possible.

For some strangely inexplicable reason, I discovered the next day that I had more necessary items to pick up. Sheesh. Planning is not one of my strong suits. “To market, to market…” As I, once again, drove myself and LL around the perimeter of the WW parking lot, TLC sprinted in for the required purchases. While getting a tidbit dizzy, I thought to myself:

“Hmmm. If they actually check those video tapes, they could wonder what the heck I’m doing. I could be put on some kind of ‘list.’ The List of Shady Peeps. I don’t think that’s going to be a good thing.”

I kept looking at my cell for a message from Little Mama. Looking because, naturally, the ringer was off. We don’t want LL to be awakened by a phone call or text—so our ringers are off 75% of the time.(Rest assured, looking at your cell while you go 5 mph, or less, is not dangerous. Promise.) PLEASE Little Mama, I thought, get yourself out here before I’m approached by a person of authority questioning my motives.

Low and behold, as I was thinking it truly had to be time for her to appear, two police cars turned into the parking lot from the main street. Two! Yikes. I slowly headed away from them—while keeping an eye on where they were going. As I parked in a spot way out from the front of the store, I could see another vehicle coming into the lot. It was a Loomis armored truck.

At that very moment, I had the text from TLC saying she was about to be checked out. She’d be at the door in approximately two minutes. (Sure she would. Because we never have issues checking out at Wally World.)

We don’t have enough vehicles (with different license plates) for me to continue to do this in the aforementioned parking lots. Over and over. We need a new plan, TLC. I don’t want LL to have to visit her Grammy in the hoosegow.

Hope Y’all have had a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!



The Leightons said...

Oh, dear. Who does Little TLC remind you of? Apparently sleeping (or lack thereof) patterns are genetic. Poor LL. Please don't go to the hoosegow. I need you to come babysit so I can take a 24 hour nap. Pronto. Will I ever catch up on sleep again?

Smooch. Smooch.

Autumn said...

ELC, did it occur to you that McDonalds might have warned the local police to keep a watch out for you? Haha.

Et tu, tutu? said...

Haha, this was a cute story. Maybe you can buy one of those trucks that scrapes snow off the side of the road or lays down salt for icy roads. :P


The Leightons said...


You may be right! I feel certain TLC, Little Leighton and I look VERY SUSPICIOUS to our Mickey D peeps.

Lindsey--Hi! So happy you visited us! I hope everyone visits your CUTE blog, too. Hmmm. Yes. I think one of those big trucks would be FUN. No one would suspect we were up to anything but good things. And with the snow and ice we've had in Texas recently, it would be very useful! Tee hee hee...

Thank you to You Two Sweeties!