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Monday, January 7, 2013


One New Year's Resolution. Between the two of us. (We didn't consult Little Leighton as to what hers would be because we thought it was about ten years too early. Maybe twenty. We also thought it might be to avoid having her picture taken by TLC. That wouldn't work for either of us.)

We were actually going to make six each. For each other! I thought that could be fun. (I could tell TLC was somewhat confused and very reluctant.) I came up with six per Leighton because 2013 adds up to 6. Yes. Yes, I'm a very scientific kind o' gal.

Then, today, we realized it was January 7th. We're losing the element of surprise/timing and perhaps are already behind, right? Hence we came up with this ONE RESOLUTION that both of us have committed we will try our best to keep in 2013:

More posts.

However, we can't do a post tonight. And possibly not tomorrow. We're just pretty darn sure we can do one by Wednesday. Or Thursday. Definitely by Friday. Pinky swear.

(Do y'all think this means we've already failed? Hmmm.)

Hope everyone has been having a Marvelous Monday (or Terrific Tuesday, as applicable!) wherever in The World you are!


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