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Thursday, January 3, 2013


I was re-reading ELC’s post from last New Year’s Day – reflecting on 2012.  ELC was right (as usual): my life forever changed at 10:53 a.m., on that warm, sunny July day, in the most touching, sweet, scary, tiring, cRaZy, silly, challenging, tiring, confusing, incredible, delightful, tiring, funny, special, marvelous, tiring, and glorious way!

December blew in and out much quicker than I would have liked. But I’m learning that time, in general, seems much more fleeting as I try to soak up every last second with my Birdey.

In true “Mega Proud Mom Fashion,” I wanted to share a few recent photos of my Little Leighton:

Our favourite hooded towel from CeeCee!

"Seriously, Mom?"

Reading with Grammy!

Fell asleep while shopping at Target.
She will soon learn to appreciate the magic of that store.

Cuddling with her Pa-Dad!

Solid foods = YUM!

Someone turned 5 months old!

Our first arts and crafts project:
Salt Dough Ornaments for the fam!

LL was up WAY past her bedtime on Christmas Eve
and seemingly unimpressed with her festive attire,
thus refusing to cooperate and look at the camera.

Each day with her gets better and more delicious and more fun! 

Now, let’ s all clink our champagne glasses and get this party started. (I know. I know. I’m three days late. But who doesn’t want a little more bubbly?)

And, as Emerson said:

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.


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