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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Leighton Abbey

I'm not sure how long ago I heard about the PBS Series Downton Abbey. Could it have been last summer? Before then? I don't know. From last June until a minute ago, life has gone by so fast and furious I'm never sure what day it is. Or month. Truly. I do remember friends discussing this series and how they couldn't wait for it to begin. I remember I thought I should DVR it. Then along came Little Leighton. (Or she'd been here? As I said, who the heck knows, exactly.) Something happened to cause me to lose this series from my radar. I forgot to set the DVR. Sigh.

I would hear it mentioned, from time to time, in the past several months, on television shows like Extra or ET. Think I saw it nominated for some awards. Not sure if it (or the actors in it) won anything. Just know I would hear how much everyone was loving it.

When TLC couldn't figure out what to get me for Christmas (she is usually beyond clever, giving me the most unique/useful/fun/butnotexpensive gifts), I suggested she think about the first two seasons of Downton Abbey. I'd seen the boxed set at Target. Or Wally World. Again, I'm not my normally clear, sharp self.

TLC: What is Downtown Abbey?
ELC: It's Downton. Not Downtown. It was on PBS. Something about an English family. And their servants. In an earlier time in history. I don't know. But I want it.
TLC: Okay. But if I do get it, don't even expect me to watch it with you. That sounds B-O-R-I-N-G.

This past Tuesday, one of my nieces came to have lunch with me, TLC and Little Leighton. At my casa. We got to talking about what we were currently watching on the telly (Yes. My Royal English blood is taking over my American-ness. I never really know when that's going to happen. Kind of like The Incredible Hulk.), when she asked if we watched Downton Abbey.

ELC: Not yet. I have the first two seasons and I'm waiting for the energy to begin the process.
MSN (My Sweet Niece): You have to start it soon! You are going to ADORE it.

Since she is also obsessed with Dateline murder mysteries, like her Auntie ELC, I figured we must have similar entertainment tastes.

That night, after Little Leighton was put to bed and we urged My Sweet Hubby (MSH) to go watch his Weird Man Shows in our bedroom, TLC and I began our OBSESSION with Downton Abbey. OMGEE. We've finished the first season and are three shows into the second season. We've stayed up until 11:30 both Tuesday and Wednesday nights. We're sleepy. Kind of grumpy. And about to start watching in an hour-ish. I've vowed, however, we are NOT staying up past 10:00. This experience is reminiscent to me of the summer MSH and I watched six seasons of 24. In about a week. It took us six months to recover from that decision. Physically and emotionally.

Seriously, if you haven't heard about this series, or you've heard about it but thought you probably wouldn't like it, get thee to the nearest Target and buy the boxed set. It's like a soap opera! In the early 1900s. Who doesn't love classy soaps? The third season has currently started. We've missed the beginning. What a shock. Sheesh. Maybe we'll find that PBS is going to repeat it? So we don't have to wait for the next boxed set? Picture us crossing our fingers, Sweet Friends...

cheerio...for now...


Kristy said...

I've also recently started watching and am about half way through season 2. I am pretty sure I discovered you can watch season 3 for free on

The Leightons said...

Oh, boy! GOOD TO KNOW! Thanks, Kristy! xoxox