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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Yeehaw for Y'all!

So this Yeehaw will only work for those of you who have access to a Kroger’s store. And I can’t be sure, of course, that all Kroger’s stores have these little gems. This Yeehaw might frustrate those of you who live in England or France or Spain. Etc. For that, I will apologize. But if you have a Kroger’s you can get to—SOON—and you like cinnamon rolls, here is one of my most favourite Yeehaws ever:

As if we could ever just eat one! 

These heavenly little bites of cinn (Ha! Sin!) have 60 calories per roll. There are sixteen rolls per package. For a typical breakfast, TLC and I have four each. So a package lasts us two days—when we’re together. Once we open the package, there’s no waiting around to finish them off in a few days. Believe me—if we could—we’d each eat eight in one sitting.

We lovingly put our four little rolls in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Any longer than that and the cinnamon and sugar and icing melt too much. We want them to be warm and gooey. This amount of time seems to be perfect for that goal.

Yesterday afternoon, while at TLC’s casa, I picked up two packages. One for her. One for me to bring home.  I’m not going to lie: This morning I had five of these divinely FABULOUS cinnis. That messes everything up. Since tomorrow is T.G.I.F., I’ll celebrate and have six. Yes. Yes, I will. And NO ONE will be able to talk me out of it. Saturday I’ll have the remaining five.

Oh, no. Now I'm thinkin' about breakfast in the morning. This is probably not good, you know, for my mental health. Seems like it could be considered an obsession. Dr. Dukan would be extremely disappointed in me. He’ll have to get over it. To paraphrase a Barbara Mandrell (I loved her immensely) song from years and years ago: If loving these cinnis is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

I’m feeling very sorry for those of you who can’t try these. You are missing out on the most cinnamon-y, delicious, EXQUISITE little rolls on Earth. Better book your flight to Texas—SOON.


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