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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Yummy for Y'all!

Y'all know how much ELC and I love Piggy Pajamas. I own three pairs. ELC owns two. Now, get ready to see the cutest little bambino in the most scrumptious peacock pajammies. Ever. (Clearly I'm not biased.)

Shut the front door. Piggy Pajamas has done it again, this time creating and crafting the most precious pjs for our most precious treasures: our kiddos! I mean, do you just die?

The new Mommy in me is ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over the fact that, not only can we sport grammy-mother-daughter-granddaughter matching jams, but these are designed brilliantly. The side-tie onesie Little Leighton currently dons doesn't have to be yanked over her head. She can be delicately placed inside these cozy pjs without any added trauma! (Grammy ELC is especially fond of this feature.) Two BIG thumbs up. And, you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as LL gets a wee bit bigger, we'll be purchasing Mini-Me Sets.

The colours, fabric, quality and SUPERB customer service of Piggy Pajamas are over-the-moon fabulous. Kudos to my three favourite Piggy Gals. You rock.


Unknown said...

Hi Friends! Perfect day to FINALLY re-post this amazing post! LL is just to die for in peacocks and lace. le-sigh.

Love to you ladies, and thoinks SO much for the blog love. Muah!


The Leightons said...

We love our favourite pajammies almost as much as we love our favourite piggy gals. Thoink you for featuring my Little Leighton on your blog. We are BEYOND honoured.