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Saturday, August 31, 2013

To The Nines...

So, a few posts back, we alluded to an exciting surprise we had for y’all! We didn’t want to mention it at the beginning of this year, or even three months later, or even six months ago, because, frankly, we weren’t sure we could keep up our goal for 2013.

At the end of 2012 (a very IMPORTANT year for TLC—and ELC!), we discussed the fact that we had several months where we barely had done seven or eight posts. When we started this blog, we wanted to post two to three times a week. Preferably three. Sometimes we've accomplished this, sometimes we haven't. At any rate, we made a commitment to each other that we would set a goal of writing nine (9) posts each month in 2013. First, this is Little Leighton’s (LL) Life Path number in Numerology.  But, mostly, it seemed do-able. Possible. Not too difficult—even with challenging times.

We decided to keep it a secret from y’all—in case life happened and we had a month where we couldn’t quite get all nine done. (Maybe y’all have noticed we’ve been doing this? No. Okay. Not a big deal. Don’t feel bad. Well, not too bad.)

As luck would have it, we’ve struggled to get all nine posts this month. Hence why we’ve actually had to post two today!

About five months ago, ELC had a lightbulb moment. We could make the month of September (the ninth month, duh) a month of “Nines.” There will actually be eight posts with each of us telling you “9” things we love. Hate. Need. Want. Can’t live without. Won’t live without. Or the Top 9 Books We’ve Cherished. Or our Top 9 All-Time Favourite Movies. You get the picture.

The ninth post in September will be a wrap-up. Or a warning. About October’s posts (ELC swears to each of you there will be limited “pumpkin” posts. Cross her heart.)
Now it's time for all of us to celebrate the Labor Day holiday weekend by getting dressed TO THE NINES! (TLC thought I was going to say by eating cupcakes. Big, deep, SIGH. Silly Little Mama.)
Ciao for now, Sillies...