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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September--To The Ninth...

Sooo…it’s our first “9” post! TLC and I are doing this together.

Our process: We each came up with five things we adore about September. Then compared. Two were the same…here with go: 

  1. It’s ELC’s anniversary month! My Sweet Hubby and I were married 35 years ago in Dublin, Texas. We picked Labor Day weekend so that we could have a long one. (We were going to Hawaii in October for a delayed honeymoon.) I’m so proud to be married to him. He is a jewel/keeper/treasure.

  1. ELC says it’s kind of like another “January 1st.” Because of the beginning of the school year—whether pre-school up to college—it feels like a time to start anew (even if you've been out of college for 37 years).
  1. TLC loves the warm colours everywhere—chocolates, oranges, reds, golds—in everything—clothes, home accessories, seasonal decorations—the leaves!
  1. Both of us love the beginning of the new television shows! And the return of our favourites (Grey’s, Scandal, The Mindy Project, Modern Family, etc.).
  1. TLC loves the return of the Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks. (Sorry. ELC tried to prevent a pumpkin reference. I can minimize, but it’s going to be impossible to completely eliminate. TLC would go into some kind of serious shock.)
  1. SAPPHIRES! September’s birthstone. There is not a more elegant, classy, sophisticated, stunning stone. (This was one big perk of ELC being married in September. She adopted it as her Jewel of Choice.) 
  1. TLC loves to start wearing boots! (Even though in Texas it’s still hotter than Hades until sometimes December!)
  1. ELC and TLC both love the beginning (will happen at least by the third week of September) of cooler nights and mornings. “Crisp” becomes our Word of the Day.
  1. Both of us begin burning our Fall/Autumn candles—loaded with cinnamon and spices!
We hope this September is FULL of SWEET SPLENDOR for y’all…