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Sunday, September 29, 2013

TLC's Nine Favourite Yummies!

It's moi's turn!

Here, now, are my Top Nine Yummies:

1. ELC, Little Leighton and I still (obviously) love and adore our Piggy Pajamas. They are my MOST favourite Yummy discovery to date. They complete us. (In fact, I'm wearing my Peacocks as I type this!)

2. I'm trying to be more proactive in my "weekly menu planning." This FABULOUS Chicken and Rice Salad has just been added to the list for the upcoming week. It's even better the next day for lunch! Though some might consider it a little "summer-y," I think it can be enjoyed all year. Especially since our daytime temperatures are still hovering in the low 90s. UGH. Where is my sweater-weather?

3. I love Target (I think I've only mentioned that 9 bazillion times), and I love revamping my lampshades in the Fall and Spring!

4. BRING ON FALL! I'm ready for cozy wraps, comfy sweaters, my most favourite skinny jeans and my UGGs! Fall is the yummiest season of all.

5. Second to my love of all-things-pumpkin, is all-things-PEPPERMINT! I can't wait for the CFA Peppermint Shakes. YUMMY.

6. Yep. Bethenny's Stuffed Peppers have also been added to the weekly menu. Two words: PINE NUTS.

7. Lauren got us hooked -- we can't get enough of Wheat Thins, cream cheese, and Habanero Pineapple Dip. A truly scrumptious snack. (P.S. This "Yummy Review" has quickly made me STARVING. Apparently I take the word "yummy" quite literally. Clearly I love all FOOD.)

8. I'm still enamoured with my Frye "Carson" Flats. In fact, I'm adding a new colour to my Christmas list.

9. What could be more apropos than closing out this little list with food -- yep, more food -- Dove Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolates. Though these have been eluding us at the store as of late (so tragic) -- when we do find them, we stock up! DIVINE.

Now, let's get this week started right -- bring on the YUMMY food. And comfy jammies and clothes. And FALL.

Have a blessed Sunday evening, Sweet Reader Friends!