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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Movies...To the Nines...

This was hard. TLC and I started talking about what might be our Top Nine All-Time Favourite Movies. Since I'm closer to 60 than I'd like to admit, it was super difficult for moi. SOOOOO many to choose from, you see.

Here now are TLC's Movies...To the Nines (all but one will be romantic's how she rolls):

1. You've Got Mail. (We've told y'all before and we'll tell you again--we don't even know how many times we've watched this movie. We adore it. Plain and Simple.)
2. When Harry Met Sally. (No, all Nine are not going to be Meg Ryan movies. But we also adore her. Yep. Yep, we do.)
3. Hope Floats. (Harry Connick, Jr. Need she say more?)
4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. (One of her favourite parts? How the FUNNY Dad uses Windex for everything. EVERYTHING. Not just cleaning. Reminds her of Her Sweet Dad--HSD.)
5. It's Complicated. (She loved Meryl Streep's home and the bakery she owned. LOVED.)
6. The Princess Bride. (Funny. Charming. Romantic. Silly. A fairy tale we can all get lost in.)
7. The Holiday. (Because if a movie takes place at Christmas, well, TLC is hooked.)
8. Father of the Bride. (Because if a movie is about brides, well, TLC know...hooked.)
9. Christmas Vacation. (A tradition for TLC and HSD. She can recite every single line. It's not fun for ELC--who'd truly rather eat dirt than watch this movie.)

TLC is stressed. This list does not include any Reese Witherspoon gems. Oops. I'm now being required to do a 9B. Crazy Stupid Love. (Emma Stone? Ryan Gosling? Steve Carrell? Seriously fabulous, TLC reports.)

And, now, Silly Friends...ELC's Movies...To the Nines:

1. You've Got Mail. (See above!)
2. Dances With Wolves. (Amazing.)
3. The Alamo. (John Wayne. I live in Texas. Nuff said.)
4. Legends of the Fall. (Spell-binding.)
5. Terms of Endearment. (Makes me cry just typing this.)
6. Last of the Mohicans. (Daniel Day Lewis. Wow.)
7. E.T. (You really should PHONE HOME.)
8. Star Wars. (1977. Unforgettable.)
9. When Harry Met Sally. (See above!)

TLC thinks mine are "too heavy." And that she looks like a fluffy-headed, boy-crazy fool. Her words.

We are certain there will be a follow-up to this category of the "Nines." We've got many more to list.

Gotta scoot...we're both craving some popcorn (with Raisinettes and/or M&Ms dumped in it) and a Diet Coke...

Ciao for Now...