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Monday, September 30, 2013

End of the Line...for Nines...

Well, sort of...for our September "Nines."

Our goal continues: Do nine posts each month for the rest of 2013. We think we can! (We'll be sooo disappointed if we don't...truly.)

Somehow, we don't know exactly how it's happened, it will be October in a few hours. Why do some days go so turtles...and then, suddenly, an entire month has whizzed by? Like The Roadrunner being chased by that rascally coyote. The first of September was yesterday, right? So how is it that a new month is nearly here? Sheesh. Sigh. Yikes.

We plan to re-commit to bringing you some new Yummies and Yeehaws! To bringing you more honesty. To sharing news and insight and funnies.

We thank you, dearly, for visiting us, Sweet Friends, Everywhere...

Hugs and Smooches...and Happy Fall, Y'all!

ELC (on behalf of TLC and Little Leighton, too!)