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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TLC's TV Shows...To The Nines...

Oh, how thankful I am for DVR systems. I remember, vividly, ELC programming TIVO to record our favourite shows -- we have VHS tapes upon VHS tapes of Full Houses, Murphy Browns and Designing Womens. We just LOVE "our shows!"

Here, now, are my Nine Favourite CURRENT TV shows (in no particular order):

1. General Hospital. Oh, yes. I'm still quite addicted -- the cRaZiEr it gets!

2. Grey's Anatomy. I haven't missed one season -- even one episode -- yet.

3. The Mindy Project. One of my new faves! Mindy Kaling cracks. me. up.

4a. Top Chef.

4b. Top Chef Masters. Curtis Stone. Need I say more?

5. MasterChef. ELC and My Sweet Dad got me hooked. I adore it.

6. The Voice. Can't get enough! How I wish I could have been a singer. I'm crossin' my fingers Little Leighton is our ticket to Nashville.

7. Breaking Bad. This is one I watch with My Hubby. It's one of the few shows we "agree" on. (ELC? Watched one with us several months ago. Key word here: ONE. All she could do. Doesn’t get it. Apparently doesn’t even intend to try!)

8. Dancing With the Stars. I'm signing Little Leighton up for dance lessons ASAP. Grammy ELC wishes there was a Grammy/Granddaughter tap class they could take together.

9a. Real Housewives. Yep. All of them. Well, except Miami. I couldn't get into that bunch.

9b. The Chew. My favourite "talk show."

9c. Duck Dynasty. Si. He is too darn funny. Love their “Family. Faith. Ducks.”

Ta-Ta for now, Lovely Readers! Off to catch up on my shows…

p.s.--Never fear! I'll be doing my Nine Favourite Yummies by Sunday...