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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Do The Biscuit Hop...Hop, Hop, Hop!

Little Leighton (LL aka Biscuit) gets more grownup each time I see her. Makes me proud. Makes me sad. She constantly amazes me. Last week, as I visited her at her casa, and as we read our books before bed, she told me: “I literally couldn’t believe that, Grammy!” Except she pronounced “literally” like this: liter-a-we. (She can say “Ls” now—but she has to be reminded to do this. Using a “W” still comes more naturally to her...)

When I realized what word she was using (it took me a teensy bit), I asked: “Do you know what that word means, Biscuit?” She looked at me for a few seconds, giggled and changed the subject. She used it properly—so I suspect she has some idea when and how to use it. She’ll be four years old in July!

During her last visit to our country home (the day after we visited Fossil Rim), she asked if we could play “Hopscotch” out on the driveway. I’d drawn a hopscotch “court” for her a few months ago and tried to explain it to her. Trust me, This Old Gal can NOT hop. Under no circumstances can I hop. Or skip. Period. However, I gave her the basic idea of how to do it. We hadn’t talked about it since then.

As I began drawing, Biscuit, looking hopeful, asked: “Can I help you do that, Grammy?” “Sure,” I replied, enthusiastically! This first picture shows how she drew the top part of the Hopscotch court—in a different place! Bless her precious, PRECIOUS heart. I had no intention of telling her she’d done it wrong.  

Once she started “hopping (second picture),” she simply skipped/jumped over to the right! No big deal. No problemo. Easy/Peasy for Princess Biscuit. She may be a child that doesn’t always intend to follow everyone else’s “rules.” Her Mama often wanted to make up her own—so I’m not too terribly surprised. Winky. Wink.

BTW: My Sweet Hubby (MSH) was outside with us during the Hopscotch Event. He shared with me what he remembered the “rules” to be. They were nothing like my recollection. Not a smidge. I’ll be Googling soon to see if either one of us was even remotely close to actually explaining it to LL accurately!

LL, TLC and Baby Elle will be here manana for two to three nights. (Time for Kit to do TLC’s cut and color. Yippee!) I have a feeling we’ll be drawing a new Hopscotch court—weather permitting…

ta-ta for now, Silly Friends…