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Friday, February 12, 2016


Last week, My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I were beyond lucky—we got to keep Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) for THREE nights! We picked her up from TLC in Colleyville last Thursday morn and took her back—to the same meeting place—on Sunday.

We’d decided that, weather permitting, we’d take Biscuit to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center on Friday morning. Y’all should check out this link: www.fossilrim.orgThis place is AMAZING/AWESOME/MARVELOUS. Our family has had the good fortune to visit it many, many times in the past thirty years, as it’s less than an hour from our casa. (And…it’s a BEAUTIFUL drive.)

TLC gave us permission to let Biscuit get out of her carseat only as we traveled through the park. (The speed limit is 15 mph and everyone is always (well, 98.8% of the time!) respectful of and to the vehicles in front or behind him. Actually, we only saw five other cars/trucks the entire time we were there.)

Biscuit, like most toddlers (and, for that matter, adults!), LOVES animals. She’s been to a zoo once—almost two years ago. She doesn’t have much of a memory of it. Fossil Rim is a different (I know there are many, many drive-thru wildlife parks in Texas and around the U. S., but I believe Fossil Rim is exta-special!) and truly special experience. IMHO.

When MSH paid our entry fee (I will admit the entry fees might be considered a bit pricey—but completely and totally worth every penny you spend. Plus, I found a coupon on-line that got LL in for free with an adult ticket purchased.) You’re allowed to buy one sack of feed. It’s $10. I believe it’s worth it—because a lot of the animals will come right up to your vehicle and eat out of your hands or right there at your car/truck.

The lady that sold MSH the entry tickets said she wasn’t sure we’d see the giraffes. Because it was a bit nippy that morning. (It was only going to reach a high in the mid-50s that day—it never got to 50 degrees the entire time we were there.)

When you first head out on the tour, you see several HUGE buffalos. I cannot emphasize HUGE enough. Then, as you head into the park, you see a lot of deer, gazelles, and emus. I don’t know how many species of animals are represented—they give you a brochure that has all of them and I sent it home with Biscuit. Seems like it’s somewhere around 25.

Many years ago, when Fossil Rim first opened and we took our kids every other to every three years, the ostriches were VERY aggressive. They wanted food. They’d come right up to your vehicle. If your windows weren’t down? They’d peck at them. They’d stick their heads into your vehicle in a scary, fast way! This trip, we only saw one ostrich. Not sure why—unless they’ve had some issues with these birds’ behaviors and they’ve culled the numbers down.

We were halfway through the first part of the drive (you reach the Overlook, Café, Gift Shop and Children’s Petting Area at the midpoint of the tour) when we saw our first giraffe!

When that vehicle was ready to move on, he confidently came over to our truck! He was sooo sweet and friendly—not one ounce worried about sticking his big head into the truck to get his food from my hands. Biscuit backed up as far as she could to the other side and watched with utter and complete awe. (Eventually, we saw six giraffes.)

We got tickled at this little deer. He/she was quite curious! Many of the animals have no fear. None. Zilch. Zero.

At the midpoint, we went into the gift shop and treated Biscuit to a little giraffe we named “Gertie” and a t-shirt. I had packed a gluten-free lunch for her, which we ate in the Café. (They had signs everywhere saying no outside food or drink—but I’d called and told them she had to eat what I fixed her because she has Celiac. They were tres nice about that. We did buy some of their food and it was good.)

It was really too windy and cold to go over to the Children’s Petting Place—so we proceeded on to the rest of the tour. Biscuit got to see several zebras—which she LOVES—even though they were too lazy and comfy to get up and come over to get our food…

six cheetahs (my pictures of them didn’t turn out great because they weren’t moving around in their large, fenced area—all six were enjoying the warmth of the sun—some were behind big rocks)—

some huge rams ( pictures of those)—and

two rhinos!

It was a memorable trip all three of us thoroughly enjoyed... 

If you live anywhere around the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex—or plan to make a trip to this area of Texas at some point in your future—I highly recommend a visit to Fossil Rim! They have a lodge—cabins—and many different options/programs you can enjoy. I’ve had a goal—for at least three years—of spending a couple of nights in one of the cabins and going on behind-the-scenes tours of the ranch! Bucket List stuff. (Two more places I have on my Bucket List: The Wildcatter Ranch in Graham, Texas, and the Doves’ Rest Cabins on the edge of Big Bend in far southwest Texas. Sigh.)

Hoping Y’all have a Wonderful Weekend—wherever in the World you are!

ta-ta for now…