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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tots...Trunk Shows...and Tears...

Guess what I just did? Filled up my med box. Dang. The past seven days are gone. Over. Done. Sheesh.

Today was one of those Thursdays (or any-day-of-the-week-actually) when nothing much went as planned. I must say I am typically pretty flexible—much MUCH more than My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and, possibly, TLC. Now I’m not saying I’m always sweet and happy and perky when a curve ball is thrown at me and my plans go awry. No. I can be quite sassy. Feisty. Cranky. During those times of unexpected interruptions. But today, when things went South after 1:00 p.m., I did my best to adjust.

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning. I’m not sick. This was a follow-up for one medical issue and my need to discuss another with the woman who has been my family physician for about twelve years. I love her. I truly do. We had a good session and she helped me figure out a plan. (I like being mysterious—occasionally. Trust me—it’s not anything super serious.)

Then I ran a couple of quick errands before meeting Sunny at the Hellmart parking lot. We’d planned to take my car and could go to a Sonic for a fast lunch. We do Sonic maybe once every three or four years! She wanted one of my “wines”—Coke Zero with vanilla. I cherish her for that. And for many millions of other things.

After our small burger, small tots and VCZs, we went to a Trunk Show at a CUTE little local Boutique (and beauty salon—in the back!). The owner of this charming shop is a friend of Sunny’s and mine. She is a HOOT.

A complete SURPRISE awaited me! The Trunk Show lady helped her Mama babysit TLC thirty years ago! I didn’t recognize Cookie—because it’s probably been that long since I’ve seen her. She didn’t recognize me, either. But once we knew who the other was? FUN MEMORIES. Fun stories. Lots of catching up. I couldn’t believe she’s about to be a grandmother, too! She looked entirely too young—and MARVELOUS. Her jewelry and trinkets? FABULOUS.

While I was in town, MSH was dealing with an on-going issue at our casa by phone and emails. He took a quick break to have lunch with two of his friends—but called me—at about 12:45—to come home ASAP. We needed to work together on the issue. (Yes. I realize this is another mystery. Hopefully I can share it with Y’all someday. Right now? It’s stressful. It’s wrong. It’s unfair. It’s often been what I call a “SPECIAL HELL.” Suffice it to say I’ve prayed constantly for the past two years about this and still haven’t figured out when a solution is going to come. Sigh. As TLC says: It is what it is.)

MSH and I went BACK to town mid-afternoon. To vote. We’re grateful to be Americans and to have the privilege of expressing our feelings, values and opinions at the polls. PLUS—the process—in a small town? Downright simple. It took us about seven minutes to get out of my car at the Courthouse, vote, and head home.

Once we got back, we had more typing/emailing to do. I had laundry. Etc. I sat down an hour ago and watched Grey’s Anatomy. I haven’t missed a season or show yet and hope I never have to. Fortunately, I needed a satisfying cry—so that worked out for moi.

Tomorrow I go for a one-night visit to TLC and Biscuit’s casa. TLC’s Hubby will be out of town and I’m the Babysitter. (I just saw them Monday and Tuesday—yet I cannot wait to see them again.)

I send my love to Y'all and hope you each have a Fantastic Friday and Wonderful Weekend!

Be safe. Be wise. Be HAPPY. Be kind. BE YOU!