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Saturday, February 6, 2016

i know...i's my one post per month...i'm sorry, ELC!

So, bless ELC's heart. I sincerely have the most amazing Mom. She truly has taken care of our blog virtually by herself for MONTHS. This pregnancy has been a doozy. I probably would have said that about my pregnancy with Little Leighton--but this time: wow. I seriously mean it. I have several more weeks to go and cannot imagine how this little baby has any more room in there to grow. I'm plagued with restless sleep, crazy muscle aches and general discomfort. I moan and groan. I literally caught Little Leighton  (LL) doing the same things the other day when she was getting down from our couch. Oops. My pain tolerance is what one might consider insanely low. When I was in labor with LL, and not even dilated, my famous line, while impatiently waiting for the epidural to kick in, was: "I. Am. Over. This." (Said not so kindly.)

I feel more prepared this time. At least, I think I do. The nursery is finished, and I couldn't be more pleased with the little "gallery wall" I assembled over her changing table:

Several of the pictures were used in LL's nursery (and before that--MY nursery!). ELC and I found the "Though She Be But Little" picture at a cute store downtown, as well as the "Sid Dickens" block of the sweet baby. I ordered the embroidery hoop from Etsy (what did we do before Etsy? and Pinterest?). I've washed and washed and soaked, in Oxiclean (no matter how clean the tiny clothes from your first baby are when you pack them away, they inevitably yellow; however, Oxiclean is magic!), and washed again all the jammies, socks, blankets and burp cloths. Really--the only jobs I have left to do are packing our hospital bags, installing the monitor and sanitizing bottles, pump parts and pacifiers. I'm in good shape, right? I do have a sleep book I should be reading when I'm not sleeping. Sheesh.

We are all getting genuinely excited for Baby Elle's arrival! And maybe a smidge nervous. LL keeps asking what we think she'll look like. I can't wait to see. I'm betting we might have a LL twin.

Happy Saturday!