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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Monica and Little Leighton Sugarbaker...

Two of TLC’s and my all-time favourite shows were/are Friends and Designing Women. In our humble opinions? Both BRILLIANT. We looked forward to every single episode. For years. We put many on VHS tapes—which are still over in our Barn loft. We bought the boxed DVD video set of all of the Friends’ seasons. (If there are DVDs for Designing Women —I’ve not seen them yet. I will own them!) When we find episodes on our televisions? We watch them with sheer excitement. They never ever EVER get old.

So here’s what I’m going to confess, Y’all:

TLC is Monica. 1000%. Obsessive-Compulsive about so many things. Pretty. Witty. Charming. And a great cook! (TLC would never allow me to call her a Chef—although I’m not kidding Y’all—she could/should have a cooking show. Seriously.)

Little Leighton (LL)? She is 1000% Suzanne Sugarbaker. Beautiful. Funny. (Although LL has no clue she’s quite the comedienne.) A teensy-weensy-itty-bitty bit  MANIPULATIVE. (Is this because LL is a toddler? Or is this going to be her personality? We shiver at the possibility this character trait is permanent. Yikes.)

There was an episode of Designing Women where Julia and Suzanne’s brother’s daughters came to Atlanta to visit their aunts. Julie and Suzanne hadn’t seen them for several years. When they arrived at Julia’s home—from the airport—Suzanne, who had picked them up, was carrying the younger niece’s luggage. The niece told her she was sorry she couldn’t carry her own luggage but she’d pinched a nerve in her back on the long flight. Suzanne replied that it was okay. She usually had a bad back. She’d not mentioned it fast enough!

When LL doesn’t want to do something? She suddenly can’t walk. She’s too tired. A couple of weeks ago, while coloring, TLC asked her to help put her colors and books up. She told TLC she couldn’t. (With lots o’ dramatic flair.) Her fingers were “too tired and sore.” She’s 3 ½ years old, Folks. Sigh.

Our Two Sweet Peas came to see us this past Wednesday afternoon. TLC had a cut and color Thursday morn with Kit. She’d planned to go home on Saturday morning. Thursday night—actually Friday at 2:00 a.m.—TLC woke me up to say she was really, REALLY sick. I won’t go into all of her symptoms. Trust me when I share she was BBAAADDDD sick. She didn’t think she was in labor. However, I was beyond petrified she could be. She was two hours from her doctor and hospital. We are twenty minutes from our hospital—if we needed to take her to the ER. AND—I knew My Sweet Hubby (MSH) would have to cart her there—as I’d need to care for LL. All of our answer options seemed frightening. “I don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no babies.” That kept going through my mind.

It was a rough almost 36 hours at our country casa. TLC received an email, late Friday afternoon, from LL’s pre-school telling the parents there was a bad (DUH.) bug going around. Lots of teachers and kids had been hit. They’d be disinfecting the school over the weekend. TLC’s precious neighbor—whose two daughters go to the same school (she was actually the person who had recommended this amazing school when TLC et al had moved to their new house)—had posted on FB Friday afternoon they’d all been extremely ill. MSH had felt bad Wednesday (before TLC and LL arrived) and Thursday. (He keeps saying he must have gotten it from TLC. Timeline, MSH. Timeline. If anything, you gave it to TLC. Except you probably didn’t. It seems to be in many areas of Texas, at this point.)

Thank You, Lord God Almighty, LL and I (hopefully) didn’t get the bug. HOPEFULLY. We played and played and played.

TLC and LL stayed last night and left this morning for home. I’m happy HAPPY that, in the event TLC does actually go into an early labor, she’s now close to her medical peeps. Whew!

(I’ve got a few pictures to post, soon, of LL’s stay with Grammy and Pa-Pa. I’ll try not to be too obnoxious. Promise. Humour me.)

I’ll close with the prayer that each of Y’all have had a GLORIOUS weekend—full of good health (not a “wicked” bug—this is what My Dear Friend Drew called it as she, also, was sick recently for two long days with something evil) and happiness!

smooches and hugs,