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Thursday, June 23, 2016

nine squares...

Here was our day (yesterday) summed up in nine little squares:

Gluten-free Lucky Charms. Outfit change. Visit to the doctor. Magazine reading. Conference calls. Snuggles. Giggles. Baby cheeks!

This doesn't include:

Watching Zootopia. Crafting. Starbucks. Post Office run. Laundry. Making dinner. And someone refusing to nap. I'll let you decide who participated in what! LOL. As our favourite Fancy Nancy says at the end of one of her books: "I'm pooped!"

Little Leighton is currently in a phase of wanting to change outfits all. day. long. Yesterday, it was only two outfits. The day before? FOUR. This might do me in. ELC told her she should probably consider runway modeling for a career.

This is such a precious and BUSY season of my life. ELC's post, "Texan Idle," really spoke to me. Although too many of my days feel quite long, I know the years will suddenly become far too short. I am determined to slow down and, as she advises, "Stop and smell the roses!" Our Sweet Baby Elle is THREE months old now. I want to cry. Time can be hard on a Mama's Heart.

Happy Friday Eve, Friends! Let's all promise to savor this weekend and soak up every last bit of sunshine and summer that we can.