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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Texan Idle

At least five out of seven days a week (my goal is always seven out of seven—I’m being real with Y’all tonight…), I have Morning Prayer in my bedroom, using four prayer books and Jesus Calling. This was one of my prayers this morning:

She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.

            Proverbs 31:27

Lord, I thank You for the wisdom You give me each day to watch over the affairs of my household. Give me energy to accomplish my work and to keep our home organized and running smoothly. Help me to be a good time manager and to stay centered on Your purposes. I need to get my tasks done, but I also want to nurture and cherish my relationships. Empower me, Lord. Help our home to be a place of order, peace and enjoyment.


(from Prayers with Purpose for Women by Jackie M. Johnson)

I’ve gone through this prayer book—from beginning to end—several times since I bought it 5-ish years ago. There are many, MANY prayers that speak to me. About me. That I need to read over. And over. (This could be one I need to read every day. Truth.) This morning, as I read this, I thought of TLC. I’ve thought of her before—when reading this prayer. Also as I’ve read others—as they seem to apply more to her age, time and place in this World—at this point in her life.

TLC EXCELS at watching “over the affairs” of her household. Trust me. She’s extremely organized. Refers daily to herself as someone suffering from OCD when it comes to cleaning and keeping her home in order. Frankly, when I’m there, she wears me out! (I wish she'd influence me more and make me better at all of the things I should do at my casa!) I wasn’t much like her when I was her age.

First, I had one child. Not two. Yes, I had three stepsons who lived with us during their junior high and high school years. (My Sweet Husband’s—MSH—youngest son—of his four—only actually lived with us once for less than six months.) The Guys were mostly gone during the week. School. Sports. Work. I always had food for them to eat when they came home—but it was futile to try to cook for them. On Sundays, I often prepared a nice meal for all us—or MSH grilled a meal we could eat all together. Sometimes it happened. Sometimes it was only the three of us: me, TLC and MSH. I cared nothing about cooking. Washing dishes. Even grocery shopping. I performed all of these tasks. As needed  and with a bored, unfulfilled heart. TLC is the Queen of All of Those Things!

Housekeeping? It was hit-and-miss for moi when TLC was growing up. Again, having teenaged boys around—and then TLC during her junior high and high school years—wasn’t always conducive to a spotless home. I chose, early on, to pick my battles about their rooms. Their help with chores. When I had my Bridge Club over—or a baby or wedding shower—or a PTA meeting—I worked my fingers to the bone cleaning. Every inch of our home—minus the boys’ rooms—would be spotless. (Those doors were shut!) That meant our home was super clean about six to eight times a year. Winky. Wink. In between? Whatever. I made beds. I cleaned potties. I kept up with laundry and vacuumed fairly regularly. I was mucho happier doing other FUN things: errands around town; going to the park with TLC; visiting with friends; attending meetings; having lunch out with My Peeps and/or TLC and Her Peeps.  I confess to Y’all I was mostly happier out-and-about. Don’t get me wrong: I was proud of our home and enjoyed being there. I needed, however, to flit. A lot. It was MY OCD.

Clearly, this prayer makes me think of TLC because she adores being a homemaker, wife and Mom. She treasures a clean house and a lovely, healthy dinner meal. She needs her fridge and cabinets to be organized and pretty. She craves “SMOOTH.”

Although I cherish these qualities about my daughter, I find myself periodically telling her to STOP and SMELL the ROSES. Let some cleaning go. Have Her Hubby get some takeout for them and give Little Leighton (LL) a simple  (frozen) gluten-free lunch and/or dinner. (LL’s quite easy to please.)

In her defense, TLC is trying to get more laid-back. It goes against her genes (from MSH). Against her nature and personality. But she’s trying. That’s all any of us can ever do, right?

Gotta scoot—gotta go hang up some laundry and fold some towels! (I’m ready for jammies and the mindless stuff on TV! Unfortunately for me, MSH needs clean underwear. Ha.)

Have a Terrific Thursday and Fabulous Friday, Dearest Friends…