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Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Gift of Courage...

Lord, Jesus, what You said to Your disciples on the night before your crucifixion is the promise I want to claim for this day of my journey though difficult times: “In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” I hear You whisper in my soul, “Take courage! It’s yours!” The imperative is bracing and stirring.

I know I can take hold of the gift of courage, because You have taken a hold of me. “Fear not, I am with you!” are Your courage-inducing words. Fear in these nerve-stretching days drives me to prayer. Courage displaces caution and reserve. I know that nothing can happen that will not bring me closer to You. What You give or withhold always is for my growth. My honest prayers are not an escape from reality and responsibility, but an encounter with them.

Thank You for courage that is based on convictions I cannot deny. You give me courage to act when I know what love demands. You energize my will to put into action costly obedience to You. Courage moves me from panic to Your perspective on things, and then to peace. Give me heightened awareness of what needs to be done, humble attentiveness to Your way to get it done, and honest accountability to You for faithful follow-through. Courage is the greatest virtue You give me because it makes possible all the rest. You will give the power to overcome rather than be overwhelmed. Thank You, Lord!

(John 16:33 NASB.)

In Your Son Jesus’ name, I pray.


(From Praying Through the Tough Times, by Lloyd John Ogilvie.)

I hope each of you has a Wonderful Week—Wherever in the World You Are!