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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


So this week I have two more of my four laser treatments on my fractured toe. I do feel it’s better. Whether or not the laser is responsible—or it was just going to heal on its own—I don’t know. I’ll have an x-ray tomorrow and see the doctor.

This toe situation has made me very aware of my age. My aging issues. I’ve shared in the past that I don’t care about wrinkles. I don’t care about grey hair. I’m not fond of my turkey neck. Thank goodness there are button-up shirts and scarves for that—when I can’t stand looking at it another second. I view the condition of my body—and soul—and spirit—and heart—as a reward for still being here on Earth.

This toe has made me a teensy bit more worried, however, about osteoporosis. I’m there. I’m at the line on the chart. In fact—that was last August. I could be over the line—at this point. I don’t want a broken hip. Or any other broken bone.

The nineteen stairs I climb to Little Leighton’s (aka LL aka Biscuit) playroom and TLC’s guest room (aka Grammy’s Room—winky wink!) are a challenge I face at least ten times a day (sometimes it’s twenty!) each visit to TLC’s casa. Biscuit fell down those stairs—right in front of me—a few weeks back. It was a nightmare. I could nothing to help her. She fell down ten of them. As she’d roll over, she’d look at me with the most frightened eyes I never want to see again. (I’ve always wondered if I could scream in a scary/terrifying situation. I haven’t had that urge in at least 40 years. I can. I did. So did TLC—who watched the incident happen and was helpless, too. Biscuit, thank You Lord God, was okay. But I still see her tumbling and I cringe and shiver at the memory.) H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. Before we can blink, Baby Elle will learn to walk and navigate the stairs. I’ll need major meds.

Not only do I have TLC’s casa to survive. There’s our cute little Hunter, The Cat. One can watch him like a hawk yet he still ends up between your two feet as you walk outside. We needed to name him Houdini. He’s fast and amazing. There’s also Buddy. The Dog. Who is the color of our wood floor and easy to trip over at night—when lights are off.

But the biggest issue I have? My own clumsiness. I’ve been an accident-waiting-to-happen my entire life. MY. ENTIRE. LIFE.

This Wednesday, and every day, my first goal is to not break any more bones. Period.

I hope you're having a Charming Camel Day, Sweet Friends—Wherever in the World you are!