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Monday, June 6, 2016

the price of pretty toes?

Background: As Y’all may recall, I had my first professional pedicure when I was 37 years of age. I never much cared about my toes being pretty. Never painted them myself. Mostly hid my feet by wearing tennies or shoes—not many sandals or flip-flops. Yes, I did spend oodles of years of my life at swimming pools and some beaches. I actually didn’t have many friends that got pedis—so I simply didn’t obsess about my (ugly-ish) feet.

Then My Sweet Hubby (MSH)—via TLC—gave me a “Spa Day” at a newish spa/salon in our cute little town for my 37th birthday. Part of my gift was TLC going with me and participating in all of the same services I was going to receive. (She’s good at arranging things like that. Teeheehee. That’s My Girl.)

Well, needless to say, I wondered that day why in the name of all things fabulous I’d never had a professional pedicure. (I’d had a few manicures—fake nails off and on—over the years. I hated being tied down to the maintenance of said fake nails…to0 much pressure!) I’d been to a massage therapist a few times in my mid-30s. LOVED that service. Have the BEST massage therapist on Earth in Ft. Worth that I rarely get to visit. Sniff. Sniff. I’d never had a facial and, honestly, didn’t care for it that day and have never had another since.) But I was fell hopelessly in LOVE with pedicures and pretty-painted toes!

Since that fateful and important day, I’ve had approximately 250 pedicures. (I actually got my calculator out and did some figurin’…guess-timatin’…could be a few more…don’t think it’d be less than that…) I’ve never had an “exclusive” technician that I’ve gone to for a pedi. I’ve been a “Traveling Pedicure Seeker”—going to shops all over Texas. Have enjoyed a few pedis in other States we’ve visited as tourists.

I’ve had some WONDERFUL pedicures. And I’ve had a few TERRIBLE pedicures. Maybe 8-10? BAD BAD pedis. Rude technicians. Technicians that clearly had no idea I’m one of The Best Tippers they’d ever meet. (If I get what I consider to be a BAD pedi? My tip is still 20%. Much more than I should be expected to gift. I think I do that because I’m too non-confrontational. I should tell them they’re not doing their best to make me happy, right? If I don’t? I shouldn’t totally punish them.)

NOW my specific pedicure story:

There’s a salon in Ft. Worth I’ve frequented mucho a lot in the past eleven years. TLC and I discovered it when she lived and worked in the Big City. We had many joyous/fun times there together. I’ve gone lots and lots by myself. I’ve never had a HORRIBLE pedi at this salon. I promise you—when I have a BAD one? I don’t go back to said salon. Period. End of Story.

So two weeks ago this coming Wednesday, MSH dropped me off at this salon so I could enjoy getting some pretty toes in honor of our Family Celebration of his birthday that upcoming weekend. (See previous post…) He went over to a fantastic grocery store he treasures—located nearby. I walked to meet him when my pedi was finished.

On this particular morning, I did something I rarely do: I opted for a “pedi upgrade.” Normally, I choose what most salons call their “Classic.” I believe I could substitute the word “Cheapest” for “Classic.” I’ve maybe “upgraded” to a fancier pedi maybe 15 times—in 25 years. I would contend the only difference in the cheapest pedi and an upgrade is a few more lotions and a longer massage of your toes, feet, and/or legs.

Instead of doing the $35 “Classic” pedi that day, I asked for the $50 upgrade “Green Tea Something-or-Other” Pedi.

 It was not my best-ever pedi. Certainly not my worst. The woman I was put with was quite nice. She seemed to think of herself as a “reflexologist”—as she asked me, several times, during her massage portion of the pedi if I was “Okay?” I was—except for the two times she hit a nerve and I nearly jumped out of the chair.

Overall, I believed it was a good upgrade.

Then, late that afternoon, after we got home, my right foot starting hurting. I had pain on top of it by the base of my toes. I was watering plants on our front porch and thought a bug had bitten my foot. Later, as I took my watering shoes off in the house, I didn’t see a bite.The pain got worse as the next few days went by. My foot got swollen. I trudged on—getting more “Steps” on my Fitbit than I’d seen since I put said Fitbit on (December 27, 2015).

As I limped around our casa, TLC and MSH begged me to go to a doctor. I kept telling them: “I’m fine! I think it’s just bruised." And, at my age, it takes a while to recover from injuries.

Once all of our kids and grandkids went home that weekend, I cut down on my “stepping” activities. I’ve stayed completely off my foot three different days. Like, I mean, I’ve barely moved from my bed to the couch and back to my bed. I’ve iced it every chance I’ve had. 

I’ve now, today, officially given in to the pain and worry and have an appointment with an Orthopedic Doctor this coming Thursday. Since I have expensive ($800 per month) health insurance policy that pays nothing until I reach a $6500 deductible (and I have not used any of said deductible to date this year), my upgraded pedi could cost me plenty. To which I say: Sheesh. Crud. Dadgummit.

I could be wrong. The pedi may have not contributed to my injured foot. It could be totally coincidental—the timing of it all. I am, however, swearing I have zero intentions of getting any future  “upgrades.” I’m going to be happy with the technicians that are basically annoyed when all I want is the cheapest pedi. If my pain and swelling was caused by the aggressive massage I received, it will be my first injury suffered because of a pedicure. Hopefully, it’ll also be my last. (Because I will be getting pedis. I’ve become addicted to Pretty Toes. Sigh.)

I’ll let Y’all know the outcome…because I’m positively certain you’ll be stressed until you hear from me about this situation. Right? Winky. Wink.

Have a MARVELOUS Week, Friends! (Stay away from aggressive pedicurists…just sayin’…)