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Thursday, December 15, 2016

bank grabbers...

Things that happen when My Hubby goes out of town for the week (not necessarily in the order in which they occured--it just happens to be the order in which my exhausted brain is remembering them):

1. Baby Elle learns to say, "Mama!" (VICTORY! It's only fair. Little Leighton's (LL) first word was "Dada.")

2. The freezer (temporarily) breaks. I had to locate our breaker box, too. I knew it was somewhere in the garage. I could not figure out how to open the dang thing. 

3. Little Leighton ROCKS her sweet Christmas Program. She sings with so much expression. It was precious and priceless.

4. The kitchen sink leaks. Everywhere. Because, of course. The plumber has to come two days in a row. Because, of course.

5. Baby Elle sleeps through the night--TWICE. Y'all--this was another VICTORY. The past month (Six weeks? I've lost count.) has been extra rough. Between the never-ending ear infection and teething, we've all had very. little. sleep. 

6. LL wakes up at 2:30 last night. Ready to get up for the day. Because, when one sleeps--the other doesn't. I could not convince her to go back to sleep. Grammy could not convince her to go back to sleep. It took bringing her to my bed to finally get her to doze off at 5:15.

7. My low-tire light comes on. Because, of course. 

8. LL has her class Christmas Party. It was lots of fun. There was Christmas Bingo, an ornament craft and (gluten-free!) sugar cookies. Basically, the best day--ever.

9. During dinner tonight, LL was recounting the rest of her busy day at her Methodist Church Preschool to me and Grammy. It was then that I learned some of the sweet little boys in her class like to play "bank grabbers." (That's in addition to zombies, apparently.) I asked her what that meant. She said they pretend to steal money from the bank. Uh-oh. I kindly reminded LL that her Pa-Pa and Mama were both bankers, and we put our money INTO the bank. We don't take other people's moo-lah out. Grammy nearly died laughing.

10. I visited my dermatologist for my semi-annual skin check. He removed three "suspicious" spots. Lovely. I went to LL's Christmas Program with two big bandaids on my face. I was very "Rudolph-esque," given one spot was right on the bridge of my nose.

11. LL, after much consideration, has decided she'll be ready to use permanent markers and have a cell phone (a purple one from "Grammy and Pa-Pa's Staples," nonetheless) on the weekends when she's 10. She says she'll be much more "good-er" by then and not as "silly." This girl. FUNNY.

So, now I'm headed to bed. At 7:30. No judgement, please. The fact that we've all made it this far calls for some sort of celebration. A Hallmark Christmas movie and comfy pants sound good to moi.

Happy Friday Eve!

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