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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

comfort and joy!

A dear, precious friend of mine (I’m thinking we’ve known each other for over 23 years—at least—I’d have to really work my brain cells on this to be completely accurate.) got together today for a little pre-Christmas cheer.

Her wedding (over 20 years ago) to My Sweet Husband’s (MSH) best friend (GL) was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever attended. Stunning. Exquisite. Unforgettable. We’ve spent a lot of time together since then—made lots of memories.

GL died last year—right before Thanksgiving. He was a bit younger than MSH. They’d been friends for over forty years. When MSH had his heart attacks, Emily’s husband was my second call—after TLC. When MSH was bit by the copperhead snake a year ago this past August, GL beat us to the ER, comforting both MSH and me. Losing GL was shocking. Devastating. Incomprehensible. To Emily. To his children, grandchildren and family. To us. His many, MANY friends. (He would tell MSH he’d make sure TLC and I had his help and support when MSH’s time came. Actually, they’d make lots of jokes about MSH being the “first to go.” Morbid? Yes. Typical of the two of them? YES.)

Emily has been amazing this past year. Strong. Brave. Smart. Wise. AMAZING. Since her life has changed in such a drastic and surprising way, we discovered we were going to have more time to be together. Three months ago, we had our first pedi date. We met for breakfast, first, and then journeyed to my current Spa/Salon. The next month, we changed it to a pedi and lunch. We did that order again today. (But, hey, we can be WILD and CRAZY. We might go back to breakfast. We might make a pedi/dinner date next month. We’re flexible and open to all possibilities! Winky. Wink.)

As we were drying our purty tootsies this morning, I told her I had a surprise for her: MSH was joining us, and, therefore, treating us—teeheehee, for and to lunch. I can’t begin to express his admiration for Emily. He’s constantly impressed by and proud of her courage and determination. The three of us had a great time. She and I did our best to talk MSH into having a pedi with us sometime soon. TLC and I have been working on him to do this for at least five years—with no success. He says: NO. H#LL NO. Silly, SILLY man. First of all—he’d love it. Second—GL would get the biggest kick out of seeing the three of us partake in this (IMPORTANT and necessary) activity. MSH says it ain’t happenin’. Ever. We’ll see…

After saying our goodbyes, I left for Hellmart. MSH left in his truck for home. Emily headed downtown to the office she and GL shared forever. I know it’s hard for her to face her new reality and daily challenges. But she does it with grace and class. I love her, dearly.

TLC grew up with GL as an “Uncle” figure. In fact, GL performed TLC’s wedding to Her Hubby almost seven years ago! He had to be convinced/begged/bribed to do it. It was perfect. Positively perfect. We have the luxury of watching him anytime we want on the wedding video. It’s quite wonderful.

TLC adores Emily, too! We might let her, Little Leighton and Baby Elle join us sometime down the road for a pedi/dining adventure. Emily has several granddaughters that we’d also happily invite!

This was a day of pure JOY—despite us all missing GL terribly. I confidently believe he’s with Emily. His children and grandchildren. And MSH. Watching them. Laughing with and at them. Treasuring them. Guiding them.

Now I must scoot…

Hope Y’all have had a Wonderful Wednesday! Call up a friend you love and tell them how much they mean to you. It’ll be a Christmas gift they’ll always treasure.

Smooches and Hugs…

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