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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

oldish...mostly ish...

I went East Sunday morning for one night. TLC, Her Hubby and Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) were going to church and then, after lunch, to LL’s first play! TLC and I’ve been discussing the fact, for at least a year, that we needed to take LL to a play/musical. A little community theater group was putting Elf on very close to TLC’s casa. This seemed like the perfect play to take LL to. (I haven’t seen the movie. I believe I’ve said I'd watch it the past six or seven Christmas seasons. Yep. That' not happened yet.)

The ticket prices were very reasonable and the time was going to work out great. Off they went after lunch! (TLC’s Hubby? He decided, after the two-hour play—including a too-long intermission—that in the future—he’d volunteer to keep Baby Elle and I could go with TLC and Biscuit to all plays and musicals. He enjoyed it—was glad to be with TLC and LL—one time. Teeheehee.)

Baby Elle and I had a happy afternoon. She’s continued to be sick. Ear infections. (These have gone on for five weeks.) She has, however, still been SWEET, cute and downright yummy! At least in Grammy’s opinion.

Monday morning, TLC took Baby Elle back to their pediatrician—for the 4th time in four weeks—and I took LL to her ballet/dance class. After lunch, TLC and LL made a quick run to Hobby Lobby while I watched Baby Elle sleep—on the monitor. Poor, precious Baby Elle—she had to have a HORRIBLE shot yesterday. Another one today. One more tomorrow. If these evil shots don’t clear up her ears, the next step is a visit to a pediatric ENT. Possibly tubes. We’re, obviously, all praying non-stop for healing!!!

I had to head home by 2:15 as I had Bridge Club last night. I missed My Three Girls by the time I hit 121—10 minutes from TLC’s house.

LL and I Facetimed for a few minutes around 4:30 today. Her class—and several other classes—walked over—this morning—to a Senior Citizens’ Home that’s next door to LL’s Church School. The children were “practicing” their Christmas songs for their Christmas Program next week and entertaining the Home’s residents. Two birds (turtle doves, of course...) with one stone!

Here is the conversation LL and I had:

Grammy: So, tell me about the walk to the Senior Citizens’ Home this morning. Did you have fun?

LL: Yes! It was cold, but we had FUN, Grammy. We sang for old people.

Grammy: Right. Well, were they as old as Grammy?

LL: Yes!

(I will remind Y’all, I’m 62. I don’t have plans to live in a retirement home anytime soon. I certainly won’t be opposed to it—if that’s what needs to happen. I’ve told TLC for years: You may have to make a tough decision about me. I may get mad at you. You must do what you must do. I’ll be fine. I’ll love you no matter what happens. She dreads these talks. For many, many reasons.)

Grammy: They were as old as me? Hmmm. Were they as old as Pa-Pa?

(I will remind Y’all, he’s 72. He’s actually 9 years and 11 months older than moi.)

LL (after pausing and thinking for a few seconds): No. They weren’t as old as Pa-Pa.

Oh, Biscuit. What am I going to do with you????????

Hope Y’all are having a wonderful week—and that no one you know thinks you’re older than people that are clearly 15-25 years older than you.

Sheesh. And SMOOCH.

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