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Saturday, December 3, 2016

'Tis The Season!

Happy December, y'all!

Yesterday, I took the girls to go see Santa. I think the pictures speak for themselves:


God love Baby Elle. Apparently she missed the "merry and bright" memo. Santa was so apologetic. He felt terrible she cried. I told him to not think twice about it. The crying pictures are always the most memorable!

Little Leighton had spent a long time working on her letter to Santa. She was excited to hand deliver it to him. Santa was beyond patient and kind, reading every word with her. LL requested an "Elena Guitar," "Barbie Clothes," and a "Purple Bike (with training wheels--she dictated this part to me!)."

There is truly nothing more magical than experiencing Christmas with your child/children. Their wonder and joy is amazing. It is simply "the most wonderful time of the year!" (Well, it will be for Baby Elle--once she recovers. Teeheehee.)

I hope you're all having a Splendid Saturday...Seriously SPLENDID!

1 comment:

The Leightons said...

I'm awful. And tres sorry. I laugh every time I see the top two pictures. I need to go to a Grammy TIME-OUT. God bless Baby Elle's sweet, scared heart.