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Monday, February 14, 2011

14 Reasons Why I Heart Valentine's Day

1.  Flowers from my Handsome Hubby. He had them delivered to work today. It made the other ladies swoon. And it made me so proud to call him "My Valentine."

image via my iPhone (yes... that is a plastic toy dinosaur in the background)

2.  Chocolate truffles.

3.  Hallmark cards from ELC. I received 6 this year (plus a "couple's card" for me and the hubs). She's a super sweet (and funny) Valentine. Valentine's Day, to me, is my darling Mom.

4.  My Dad. My first Valentine. Even though he alleges he thought Valentine's Day was always on a Thursday. LOL.

5.  Chocolate cupcakes.

6.  Cupid. He's chubby and cute and can fly.

7.  Paper doilies. I realize this is random. But place one on top of a pan of brownies. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Voila! Insta-Glam.

8.  The color pink. It's my favorite (tied with turquoise). It just screams happy, whimsical, GIRLY.

9.  Chocolate fondue. Real Simple (click on this link!) has a recipe on their website today. Go check it out. It looks extremely easy and DELISH.

10.  The fact that calories don't count on "holidays." They don't. Seriously.

11.  Candles. Candlelight is, of course, the most flattering. I wish I could walk around with the lights dimmed and a candlestick in my hand 24/7.

12.  Chocolate cookie cakes. Yummy.

13.  Smooches. And bear hugs.

14.  Hearts. My favorite shape.

Happy Heart Day, Y'all!

1 comment:

Autumn said...

So do you REALLY like chocolate? Haha. Your mama brought you up right!