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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It’s Our Anniversary!

We talked about doing this Blog for over a year. Then made a deadline. Had a few not-always-quiet “discussions” about our visions, technical stuff (the “technical” chats didn’t last long, as, sadly, ELC usually has no clue as to what TLC is talking about), how often to post, etc. We now actually can’t believe a whole month has sped by at lightning speed!

We want to take this opportunity to THANK some special friends:

Thank y’all, from the top of our Big Texas hair to the bottom of our crazy hearts:

Autumn, CeeCee, Jackie, Lauren, Nelly, Sunny and Taylor.

We will be forever grateful for your immediate encouragement. We hope each of you knows that our lives are richer and more meaningful because you are our treasured friends.

ELC saw this on a birthday card (and this feels sort of like a birthday celebration to us!) in the Hallmark Mahogany line at least ten years ago. Maybe fifteen. TLC believes this quote was also mentioned on a Designing Women episode.  (If anyone out there knows who this should be attributed to, please tell us!) We feel it applies to all of us—each new day of our lives—and would like to share it as we enter our next month of whatever-this-is we’re doing:

We ain’t what
          we want to be;

We ain’t what
          we gonna be;

But, thank God,
          we ain’t what we was.

We are deeply grateful to y’all out there in Texas, the U. S. of A., and several places in the World, for taking your valuable and precious time to read lolwiththeleightons.

Please close your eyes for a moment and picture us toasting y’all with a mini-Samoa-cookie-cupcake and a glass of champagne, splashed with a hint of Belvedere (then chased with a DQ Mini Blizzard)!

CHEERS! Hugs, smooches, and ta-ta for now . . .

1 comment:

Autumn said...

And our thanks to you, Leightons, for making us smile. And for keeping us hungry! Mmmmm, cupcakes.