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Friday, February 4, 2011

Mustaches and Fake Lashes

Seems as if TLC has been looking at the pictures of us with the funny glasses—those to the right—every time she makes a post. Apparently, she feels I took an unflattering picture of her. Is she serious? We have plastic glasses on with big noses and mustaches.

She’s afraid y’all might judge her hair to be flat. It’s wet. She had just had a bath and I had washed her hair. So let me get this straight: she’s concerned about her hair? Has she even noticed mine?

We took these pictures for a silly Valentine’s Day gift for my husband 23 years ago. I took her picture and she took mine. She did do a good job, considering she was four! My eyelashes almost look fake, don’t they? In fact, my friend, Sunny, commented on that immediately. Alas, they don’t look like that now. I’m 57. I have 3 on each lid.

These are in a small, cute frame in my husband’s office on the credenza behind his desk. Instead of a circle for each picture, there are two little hearts. Is that tres sweet, or what? When I told him I needed to copy them for our Blog, he looked at me with his “serious husband/Dad” look and said:

“Make sure you give them back to me pretty quick. Please don’t forget.”

He’s a keeper.

Okay, yes, so I almost took the tip of one of TLC’s fingers off when I was trying to cut her nails. She was three weeks old. It was my first trim. I was very nervous, but I had to do it—she was scratching her little angel face with them. Her Dad refused to even try. I felt horrible. I stressed for an hour—while we waited for the bleeding and her incredibly powerful screaming to stop—about what I was going to tell them at the ER. Fortunately, we didn’t have to go and I became much better at this un-fun job.

And, yes, she has heard I rescued her right before she ate a worm. She had gotten out of my sight for a few seconds one morning. We’d had a lot of rain and one little Earth worm had worked his way under a door. She was eight months old and some kind of a fast crawler—Olympic fast (more on her athletic abilities in later posts). I got there in time and, YUCK, pulled all of it out of her mouth. I’m pretty sure it was all of it.

And, okay, yes, yes, I have many old VHS tapes of TLC in some pretty quirky outfits and other questionable hairdos. (It was the 80s and mullets were in!) I've been known to try to make others watch these videos. (No takers in the past 10 years, sadly.)

But I doubt even one of y’all said, “My, what’s up with that TLC’s hair?”

I concede, TLC. I could have taken a few moments to dry your hair or French-braid it. Don’t pout. I don’t want to have to turn this car around.  I have LOTS more pictures where that came from.

(It's true. I don’t know how to get them on our Blog. Only she knows how to do that. If her picture goes missing, we’ll know who did it. And why.)

ttfn . . .

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Dinny said...

J is so CUTE, I love how he wanted his pictures back "pretty quick"!