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Monday, February 28, 2011

In Like a Lion

When TLC moved to the Big City in 2005, we began a new method of communication—tons o’ emails. We’ll probably share some of the sillier ones, as time goes on (and if we run out of other random topics)!

One blah Monday morn three months ago, ELC was trying to think of a way to start the week off with some zaniness. She decided to get out her Oxford Dictionary—yes, for you young ‘uns, the actual book—and find words that started with “M.” This is an adaptation of that email.

Welcome March!

From ELC:  Have a marvelous, MISCHIEVOUS, macaroni (and cheese!), MAJESTIC, make-believe, MANNERLY, meaningful, MELLOW, meritorious, MESMERIZING, meteoric, MIGHTY, manageable, MAGNETIC, mindful, MIRACULOUS, mirthful, MONUMENTAL, madcap, MAGICAL, magnetic, MAMMOTH, musical, MYSTERIOUS and mythical month of MARCH.

From TLC:  Don't be—misunderstood, MALCONTENT, mediocre, MEDDLESOME, mendacious, MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD, melodramatic, MISUNDERSTOOD, malfeasant, MALICIOUS, mangy, MALEVOLENT, manipulative, MANIACAL, misguided, MISQUOTED, mistrusted, MOODY, medieval, MOLDY, mouthy (My Dad wrote a song 20 years ago entitled: “Mouthy Women”—and would you believe? Kenny Chesney hasn’t gotten back to us yet.), or MISBEHAVED (Oh, what the heck, why not? Go for it! MISBEHAVE!), matronly, MAD, or eat too much MAYONNAISE (unless it’s the reduced fat with olive oil).

From BOTH LEIGHTONS:  MAINTAIN, meditate, and take your MULTIVITAMINS. Have a martini or MARGARITA or both (but not at work). Be MAJOR bah-naaa-nas (Rachel Zoe fans will understand this!). Don’t be a hot MESS (Chelsea Handler fans will understand this!). Don’t drink too many Diet MOUNTAIN Dews! Listen to Martina McBride! Shop at MACY’S (awww—makes us think of Christmas—it’s only 300 days away!). Drive to MONTANA. MAKE believe.

We’re just certain you need:  a MANICURE (even you guys!), a macrobiotic diet, a MASSAGE, a MINI cupcake and a maid. Instead of going to the mall, MAIL-ORDER some treasures that have been MARKED-DOWN! Run a MARATHON. MAINTAIN your MANNERS. Decide where to go:  MADRID? Madagascar? MANHATTAN? Read To Kill a MOCKINGBIRD. It is MANDATORY that you MANEUVER a time to get your MAMMOGRAM for your MAMMARIES!!!

And, finally, don’t be afraid to MARCH to the beat of a different drum. In March!
Then, on March 31st . . . go out like a lamb.



Sunny said...

MERRY MARCH to MY MOST favorite Leightons!

Autumn said...

MAGNIFICENT! I'm MUCH MORE MELLOW after reading your tribute to MARCH.
Love you Leighton girls.

The Leightons said...

You know you are two of our most FABULOUS favorites and we heart you both, Sunny and Autumn!