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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Charming Camels

As a teenager and young adult, I often worked with “older” (such a relative term, right?) peeps who called Wednesdays “Hump Day.” Because it was mid-week—and one was getting “over the hump.”  I always kind of giggled when people used that phrase. In fact, there were some creepy guys who made me kind of shiver (and walk away in a hurry) when they said it. Ugh.

Hence, I suggested, about seven years ago, to TLC, that we refer to Wednesday as “Camel Day.” (I have no earthly idea if I heard someone else use this expression. Perhaps. Rest assured I am in NO way attempting to take any kind of credit for coming up with this term.)

In honor of Wednesday, January 25, 2012, I would like to share my Camel Day "Cs" with y’all:

Have a CALM, Careful (but not too), CHALLENGING, Cheerful, CLEAN, Comfy, CONFIDENT, Congenial, CONSIDERATE, Cool, COZY and CUTE kind of day!

Don’t be: CYNICAL, Cutthroat, cRaZy, CRANKY (or Crabby), Capricious (well, maybe just a tidbit!), Clumsy (try to Control your thinking, talking, walking and driving!), Contrary, CLUELESS, CONFUSED, or Chintzy (don’t you just adore that word, even though it’s negative?).

Do be: CAPTIVATING, CHARITABLE, Cerebral, CERTAIN, Childlike, CHIPPER, Clear, COMPASSIONATE, Compelling, COOPERATIVE, Courteous, CHARMING, CREATIVE, and Curious (like George).

Try to eat: Chicken Cacciatore, CLAMS (no clams, however, for moi), Crispy CRUNCHY Cinnamon COOKIES (or Chocolate Chip? I hear the Girl Scouts have some fabulous COCONUT CARAMEL delites!), Carrots, COBBLER (not my CatCHERRY Cobbler), Cranberries, CANTALOUPES, Crumpets, and, of course, CUPCAKES! (less CARBOHYDRATES and CALORIES—for better health—darn).

Wash all of that down with: a COCKTAIL Concoction, CHIANTI, Coffee, COGNAC, Coke, a COSMOPOLITAN, Champagne, and/or Crown (or wear a crown! ha!).

Learn More About: the CIRCUS, Capricorns, CHEETAHS (not just the Cheeto Cheetah, either), CANOES (Canoe Canoe? Seniors remember this commercial), Clarinets, CARIBOU, Clouds, COBRAS (yikes!), CONCERTOS, Congress, CACTUS, Coyotes, CROCODILES, Caballeros, CELLOS, Calligraphy, and Cardinals (the real birds).

Plan a Visit to: Cancun, CHINATOWN (in San Fran, CALIFORNIA), your local COLLEGE, Cape Cod, CHARLESTON, any big CITY, the CANARY Islands or the CARIBBEAN, Cheyenne (nuff said), CLEVELAND, Costa Rica, and/or Cinderella’s Castle!

DON’T smoke a CIGAR. Seriously—that could be a CALAMITY. Don’t have a CONNIPTION. Fit.

Wear your hair in a CURLY Coiffure. Go to the CINEMA. Be a good CITIZEN. Have COURAGE. Wear a COSTUME (why not?) and Chanel No. 5 Cologne. Collect COMEDY CDs. CONSOLE someone. Contemplate and CONTINUE. Cuddle! Be a CLOWN. Be CLASSY. Chuckle. Out loud and for no apparent reason.

Play CHESS. Have CONVICTION. COMMUNICATE, Commit, CONCENTRATE, Curtsy (if you run into a Princess or Queen), Consult, CONNECT, COLOR (outside the lines), Conserve, COORDINATE and make CONTACT (with a friend from your past?). Wear something Chenille or a CAFTAN or a Cashmere Chapeau. COPE. Clip COUPONS. Do a CARTWHEEL. Do the ChaCha! Like CHARO. Take your Calcium. CLIMBevery mountain.

Take a CHANCE. Be the CHANGE. Chitchat. Have CHUTZPAH.

COUNT your CABOODLES (the whole kit and)CELEBRATE (every breath you get to take)


Chop Chop and CIAO!

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