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Friday, January 13, 2012

Smushed Pennies

Due to technical circumstances beyond TLC’s control (LOL’s Photo Editor), the post we had 80% ready for last night will have to be re-scheduled for Sunday. Ish.

Sooo…since TLC is at work (i.e. a real job and not whatever this is that I do now—tee hee hee), I’ve volunteered to share some random thoughts this morning. Friday. The 13th. YIKES. (I do love that Taylor Swift embraces the number 13! Don’t y’all? Really? It’s sort of defiant. I adore her. She is positively amazing to me.)

Despite the fact I’m scared of many things (rattlesnakes, scorpions, centipedes, and sharks, most of all, with some semi-controlled fears of flying and tornadoes), and despite the fact astrology and numerology intrigue me, I am not afraid of Friday, the 13th. (I will concede I’m old enough to have had, in my past, many Friday the 13ths that seemed to be, at the end of the day, not some of my lovelier experiences. I may have said: “I hate Friday the 13th.”)  I’m truly not now, nor have I ever been, particularly superstitious. Yes, I might avoid, if possible, letting a black cat cross my path. I would NEVER walk under a ladder. Ever. Isn’t that just common sense?

I have, in my 58 years, had some “lucky charms.” I don’t mean the cereal, although that’s what I buy when I know our grandkids are coming for a visit (they don’t usually get to have it at their homes—which I understand—but Grammies get to offer it—it’s actually a Grammy Law).

When I was in junior high, the lucky charm to have was a rabbit’s foot. I thought those looked icky. And sad. And were, basically, kind o’ creepy. I latched on to other things that were cuter and that I could attach significant-er (yep—new word) meaning to (and I’m ending in a preposition—sorry). I’ve had several St. Christopher charms. I still have one of those smushed pennies—you know, where you run them through a smusher machine?—I got the first time Hubby and I went to Hawaii. I smushed it at Pearl Harbor. Even though I completely believed it was horribly tacky to have a tourist-y machine like that at such a sad and solemn memorial. It really is inappropriate. Pearl Harbor is one of the most moving places I’ve had the privilege of visiting in my life. That was over 33 years ago. It amazes me I haven’t lost the penny. Therefore, it must be “lucky.”

Luck, in my humble opinion, is downright mysterious. I think of words like accidental, coincidental, unexplainable and, well, okay, unfair, when I ponder the concept of “luck.” I’ve read, lately, several magazine articles about creating good luck for ourselves. After reading them, my reaction is: “What the heck? Why not try these ideas? How could it hurt?” Then I promptly forget what the suggestions are. So there you go.

{A little irony: I know almost everything there is to know about my daughter. We have few secrets between us. Yet, as I write this, I can’t remember her ideas/thoughts/opinions on luck. Hmmm. She is one of the most creative people I’ve ever known, and she is often (not always, but often) open to new ideas, philosophies and theories. She is, however, extremely practical. Logical. She does heart St. Patrick’s Day. I'm not sure she believes in Leprechauns. It’s true she can’t wait for her nieces and nephews to come for a visit—because she, too, craves Lucky Charms cereal! I have to make her share. Sheesh. Cannot wait to see if she buys this for her kids.  I think I see blackmail in our future.}

On this Friday the 13th, I wish y’all nothing but GOOD FORTUNE, THE BEST OF LUCK, HAPPINESS, JOY and WELL-BEING!!! (Don’t walk under a ladder, please.)
It may be the 13th, but it’s also:

FRIDAY! Yippee!!!

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The Leightons said...

Actually, ELC, I am very superstitious! I always make sure I knock on wood when I'm "tempting fate." I would never walk under a ladder. And the number 13 makes me a little apprehensive at airports. However, and as much as I LOVE Lucky Charms, you're right. I don't believe in leprechauns. I also think black cats are chic. Not scary.

The Leightons said...

Interstin', TLC! Very interstin.

I forgot about knocking on wood! Yep, I probably do that at least once a week.

So, now I know your thoughts on luck and superstition. And chic black cats.

Thank you, Sweetie-Pie!